Bullitt County Public Schools
Red Ribbon Week/Poster Contest

More Information

Red Ribbon Theme:


 “Your Future is KEY, so STAY Drug Free”                  


Red Ribbon Week Planning Guide: http://redribbon.org/accessdownloads

Take the Red Ribbon Pledge: http://redribbon.org/pledge/

Red Ribbon Planning Ideas: http://redribbon.org/activities/


Red Ribbon week includes all ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs).  We will continue to have contests for both categories.   

Safe Schools Theme: “Get Involved: Get it Solved”

Safe Schools week also focuses on Bully Prevention.  We want your school to participate; we have seen some wonderful pieces, speeches and expressions at the school and district level.  Three divisions are in elementary: early primary, late primary and intermediate.  Middle and high school is also in separate categories. School-level winners from each division will be eligible and invited to the district competition.  Please refer to the chart below for the contests and divisions. 



POSTER CONTEST: All grade levels, categories divided by Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High School.  Poster focus must be on one of the themes “Drug Free is the Key” OR “Get Involved, Get it Solved”

Poster Guidelines:

  • Must be Regular Poster-Board size (22”x28”) and Student-Generated (not computer generated)
  • Student must use their own artistic abilities and center on the themes. 
  • Poster theme must reflect the message “Drug Free is the Key” and “Get Involved: Get it Solved”