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Writing Plan – District Elementary

Schoolwide Writing Programs, Plans and Policies

BCPS Elementary Writing Plan Revised June 2012-2013:   This plan was designed as a template for schools to use and modify as necessary to fit individual building curricular needs.  This plan also includes a sample SBDM policy.

Writer’s Workshop Handbook- Joplin, MO Resource  This resource booklet follows the types of writing requirements in the common core.

Addressing the 3 Modes of Writing

Writing Resource Booklet

Developing a School-wide Writing Plan

Developing a School Writing Plan Power Point

Teaching the Writer DVD – KDE

Writing Policy Guidance

“Each school-based decision making council or if there is no school council, a committee appointed by the principal, shall adopt policies that determine the writing program for its school.” KRS 158.6451 (2009)


What is the difference between a writing program, plan and policy?


Program – includes the components that will be evaluated in the writing program  review process:

                        Curriculum and instruction

Formative and summative assessments

Professional development and support services

Administrative/Leadership support and monitoring


What is required for a school’s writing program?

        “The writing program shall incorporate a variety of language resources, technological tools, and  multiple opportunities for students to develop complex communication skills for a variety of purposes.” Sec 2(7)(c)(2)


What should a school’s writing program do?

The program should empower teachers to use a variety of teaching approaches to meet  the needs of individual learners.

Plan - a schoolwide writing plan describes the action to be taken by teachers in order to implement the school’s writing program, including what will be learned and how  it will be assessed.

Policy – the rules and guidelines adopted by SBDM to be implemented in the school’s writing program.  School writing policies should address:

> Communication skills

> Grading procedures and feedback to students regarding their writing and  communication skills

 > Responsibility for the review of the portfolios and feedback to students

> Other policies to improve the quality of an individual student’s writing and communication skills


Program Policy Plan
* instruction (teachers, administrators, and students)*  curriculum (courses, materials, instructors, etc.  –  might include portfolios and opportunities to write across the curriculum)*  assessment (formative and summative)*  infrastructure supports  –writing centers, tutoring, community outreach for writing/communications*opportunities for students to share writing publically* district and administrative support and roles*  professional development to support teacher growth and student learning * the rules and guidelines adopted by SBDM to be followed in writing programs *the actions taken to achieve measurable goals that meet needs of students at each individual school*what will be learned* how it will be assessed* what and how program will be implemented, including strategies for implementing the plan