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Bullitt County Public Schools: The Leader in Educational Excellence

Faculty Information

Teacher/Staff Email and Websites

Teachers are listed by department. Scroll down to find the teacher you are looking for. Click on the address following the teacher’s name to send an e-mail message. Click on “Website” to open the teacher’s website.


Mr. Erik Huber erik.huber@bullitt.kyschools.us


Assistant Principals

Ms. Christy Burden christy.burden2@bullitt.kyschools.us

Asst. Principal : Freshmen (9th grade)Discipline/Attendance

Mr. Joe Pat Lee joe.lee@bullitt.kyschools.us

Asst. Principal : Sophomore (10th grade) Discipline/Attendance

Mr. Adam Disney adam.disney@bullitt.kyschools.us


Ms. Emily Cottingim  emily.cottingim@bullitt.kyschools.us
ACADEMIC COUNSELING: Students with last names: G-N
Mr. Clay Harned clay.harned@bullitt.kyschools.us
ACADEMIC COUNSELING: Students with last names:  O-Z
Ms. Tonia Wiggins tonia.wiggins@bullitt.kyschools.us

Atheletic Director

Joe Droski joe.droski@bullitt.kyschools.us

Office Staff

Ms. Sandra Britt sandra.britt@bullitt.kyschools.us

Ms. Michelle Crump michelle.crump@bullitt.kyschools.us

Ms. Nicole Hess nicole.hess@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Angela Huffman angela.huffman@bullitt.kyschools.us
Clerical Secretary
Ms. Karen Holmes karen.holmes@bullitt.kyschools.us
Data Manager
Mrs. Ann Knopp ann.knopp@bullitt.kyschools.us
Records Clerk
Ms. Melissa Hoben melissa.hoben@bullitt.kyschools.us

Youth Service Center

Ms.Christy Hardin christy.hardin2@bullitt.kyschools.us

Teachers by Department


Business and Vocational / Technical

Ms. Abby Baylor abby.baylor@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Eric Carter eric.carter@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Chas Hooper charles.hooper@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Michael LaFlair michael.laflair@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. James Moore james.moore@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Brooke Morris brooke.morris@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Justin (Mike) Peake justin.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Tiphanie Peake tiphanie.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Carolyn Seay carolyn.seay@bullitt.kyschools.us

Ms. Shelley Westwood shelley.westwood@bullitt.kyschools.us  Website

College and Careers

Ms. Lennea Burton lennea.burton@bullitt.kyschools.us
College and Career Coach

ECE Specialists

Ms. Jennifer Hallinan jennifer.hallinan@bullitt.kyschools.us ECE Dept. Chair/ARC Chairperson Website

Ms. Stacy Crawford stacy.crawford@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Jessie Curry jessie.curry@bullitt.kyschools.us Website
ECE Math

Mr. EriK Glotfelty erik.glotfelty@bullitt.kyschools.us Website
ECE Science

Ms. Heather Bolin heather.bolin@bullitt.kyschools.us
ECE Math

Mr. Gary “GJ” Moore gary.moore@bullitt.kyschools.us Eng. I Website

Mr. Kyle Porter kyle.porter@bullitt.kyschools.us  Website 

Blair Wathen blair.wathen@bullitt.kyschools.us

ELA Teachers

Angela Roberts angela.roberts@bullitt.kyschools.us
ELA 10th and 11th

Laura Terrell laura.terrell@bullitt.kyschools.us
ELA 11th and 12th

Valerie Terry valerie.terry@bullitt.kyschools.us Website
ELA 10th and 11th

Matt Kuehn matt.kuehn@bullitt.kyschools.us Website
ELA -9th


Ms. Melissa Beatty melissa.williams@bullitt.kyschools.us Dept. Chair, Eng. IV, Eng. III Website

Ms. Sara Anderson sara.anderson@bullitt.kyschools.us Eng. I Website

Ms. Kirsten Pelfrey kirsten.pelfrey@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Cara Puckett cara.puckett@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Mallory Reid mallory.reid@bullitt.kyschools.us Eng. II Website

Ms. Angela Roberts angela.roberts@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Laura Terrell laura.terrell@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Valerie Terry valerie.terry@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Sarah Veltman sarah.veltman@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Jessica Vowels jessica.vowels@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Fine Arts

Ms. Donna Schmidt donna.schmidt@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Rodney Stults rodney.stults@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Melanie Sparks melanie.sparks@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Flex School Program

Ms. Evelyn Douglas evelyn.douglas@bullitt.kyschools.us Dept. Chair Website

Mr. Robert Warren robert.warren2@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Foreign Language

Mr. Arturo Freire-Bracho arturo.freire-bracho@bullitt.kyschools.us Website 

Ms. Dusty Witherspoon dusty.witherspoon@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Health and Physical Education

Department Website

Cory Brown cory.brown@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Shane Popplewell shane.popplewell@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Amanda Wimsatt amanda.wimsatt2@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Instructional Tutors/Assistants

Ms. Susan Atchley

Ms. Jan Decker

Ms. Jennifer Hadley

Ms. Mason Kelly

Ms. Debbi Lanham

Ms. Vicki Swain

Ms. Lynn Walls

Ms. Saskia Welch

ISAP Tutor

Mr. Nathan Griffin nathan.griffin@bullitt.kyschools.us

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (JROTC)

Major Mark Klaczak mark.klaczak@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Sergeant William Feekes william.feekes@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Sergeant Martin Tallent martin.tallent@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Librarian / Media Specialist

Ms. Christy Prasch christy.prasch@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Rebecca Sharpley  rebecca.sharpley@bullitt.kyschools.us

Ms. Tonya Miles tonya.miles@bullitt.kyschools.us


Ms. Angela Marshall angela.marshall@bullitt.kyschools.us Dept. Chair Website

Ms. Mary Kate Clemens marykate.clemens@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Eric Connor eric.connor@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Kimberly Ludwig kimberly.ludwig@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Reba Johnson reba.johnson@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Kristi Kennedy kristi.kennedy@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Anita Montgomery anita.montgomery@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Heather Reynolds heather.reynolds@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Jason Schum jason.schu@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Blake Stoltz blake.stoltz@bullitt.kyschools.us  Website

Mr. Wade Williams wade.williams@bullitt.kyschools.us Website


Heather Bewley heather.bewley@bullitt.kyschools.us  Website

Maranda Feldman maranda.feldman@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Matt Smith matt.smith@bullitt.kyschools.us Website


Mr. Vincent (Vince) Castellano vincent.castellano@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Miciah Ocasio miciah.ocasio@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Ms. Whitney Pendleton whitney.pendleton@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Bill Proctor bill.proctor@bullitt.kyschools.us  Website

Mr. Matthew Shirley matthew.shirley@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Charles Spears cahrles.spears@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Roy Taylor roy.taylor@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Jason Wells jason.wells@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Social Studies

Ms. Angela Hamblen angela.hamblen@bullitt.kyschools.us Dept. Chair Website

Mr. Jarred Dyer jarred.dyer@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Joe Droski joe.droski@bullitt.kyschools.us

Ms. Nicole Klein nicole.klein@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Mark Ledford mark.ledford@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Brian Michel brian.michel@bullitt.kyschools.us Website

Mr. Rob Music robert.music@bullitt.kyschools.us Advanced Placement Coordinator; Website

Mr. Allen South allen.south@bullitt.kyschools.us Website


Ms. Norma Brown

Ms. Katherine Jantzen

Ms. Mary Rose Kern

Ms. Barbra Perkins

Ms. Penny Reynolds

Ms. Karen Tipton


Mr. Doug Foley; Evening

Ms. Dottie White

Ms. Cheryl Stokes

Mr. Reggie White

Ms. Elaine Antle

Bullitt Central High School
1330 Highway 44 East
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Phone: 502-869-6000

Fax: 502-543-1797


Doors Open at 6:50 AM
School Starts at 7:20 AM
School Ends at 2:10 PM

CSIP Plan 2016