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2017 Young Authors School and District Winners

2017 Young Authors

Dozens of elementary and middle school students wrote their way to honors during the district’s 2017 Young Author ceremony.

School winners received certificates while district winners were awarded plaques. Here are results from each grade level:

Sixth grade school winners: Leah Wells of Bernheim; Clayton Hasting of Bullitt Lick; Rylee Hodge of Eastside; Raina Snook of Hebron and Dominik Fackler of Mt. Washington. District winners: Third Place – The Truth Behind Factory Farms by Leah Wells; Second Place – Be Careful What You Wish For by Raina Snook; First Place – Thank You for Your Service by Rylee Hodge.

Seventh grade school winners: Reese Urwin of Bernheim; Kaylee Yocum of Bullitt Lick; Emma Kate Wright of Eastside; Holly Hodge/Maddie Hurley of Hebron; and Tyler Stevenson of Mt. Washington. District winners: Third Place – The Dream by Holly Hodge; Second Place – The Not So Great Wall of China by Kate Wright; First Place – The First Family Crisis by Tyler Stevenson.

Eighth grade school winners: Emma Fluhr of Bernheim; Paige Constant of Bullitt Lick; Raegan Burkett of Eastside; Krista Jarrell/Makyla Talbott of Hebron; and Billy Goodman of Mt. Washington. District winners: Third Place – Last Call by Paige Constant; Second Place – A Timeless Treasure by Raegan Burkett; First Place – Home by Makyla Talbott.

Teacher’s Choice middle school winners: Colin Edwards of Eastside and Tori Nation of Mt Washington. District winners: Second Place – The Tale of Nadrinios by Colin Edwards; First Place – Future by Tori Nation.

Middle School Group Book district winners - The Color of Life by Ashley Campbell, Analee Hethcox, Madelyn Clan, Sara Hughes and Liz Hall of Mt. Washington Middle School.

Middle School Creative Format District winner – Lost and Found by Savannah Nalley of Mt Washington.

Elementary school (Kindergarten) school winners: Ava Zernickow of Brooks; Jadyn Hartlage of Cedar Grove; Aspen Rhodes of Crossroads; Kynlee Richardson of Freedom; McKenzi King of Lebanon Junction; Jayden Allen of Maryville; Hudson Cooper of Mt. Washington; Nicole Polakowski-Bailey of Overdale; M.J. Wafford of Old Mill; Brooklyn Marks of Pleasant Grove; Brianna Timberlake of Roby; and Carter Hansel of Shepherdsville. District winners: Third Place - Epilepsy Breaks My Heart by Brooklyn Marks; Second Place - I Am Me by Ava Zernickow; First Place - How to Make a PB&J Sandwich by Jayden Allen.

First grade school winners: Joshua Cahill of Brooks; Lydia Gabbert of Cedar Grove; Kinnley Murphy of Crossroads; Molly Johnson of Freedom; Maci Baker of Lebanon Junction; Kadynce Turner of Maryville; Kaylee Uhling of Mt. Washington; Bayley Haysley of Nichols; Carolyn Mooney of Old Mill; Madison Cody of Overdale; Aleyah Headley of Pleasant Grove; Hadassah Melechoirs of Roby; and Braylon Berry of Shepherdsville. District winners: Third Place - The Creek with Ragen and Jaxton by Aleyah Headley; Second Place - Playing Scientist With My Sister by Kadynce Turner; First Place - Crab Hunting by Kaylee Uhling.

Second grade school winners: Haylee Donovan of Brooks; Elizabeth Locker of Cedar Grove; Rylee Cook of Crossroads; Jackson Morgan of Freedom; Kayla Cummings of Lebanon Junction; Alexis Corbin of Maryville; Carley Price of Mt. Washington; Raylee Hux of Nichols; Sadie Smith of Old Mill; Destinee Montgomery of Overdale; Zoey Vincent of Pleasant Grove; Madelyn Chandler of Roby; and Kylie Wise of Shepherdsville. District winners: Third Place - The Lions at the Zoo by Destinee Montgomery; Second Place - The Lost Princess by Sadie Smith; First Place - The Sneaky Toddler by Elizabeth Abigail Locker.

Third grade school winners: Cole Payton of Brooks; Samuel Godbold of Cedar Grove; Haley Hendrix of Crossroads; Lily Miles of Freedom; Zyla Brown of Lebanon Junction; Natalie Bennett of Maryville; Paige Brooks of Mt. Washington; Hannah Faircloth of Nichols; Colleen Raab of Old Mill; Cheyenne Lindsey of Overdale; Avery Wasinger of Pleasant Grove; Madelyn Neutz of Roby; and Patrick Patton of Shepherdsville. District winners: Third Place - The Little Girl Saves the King by Colleen Raab; Second Place - Rocking the Saw by Haley Hendrix; First Place - My Life as a Panda by Paige Brooks.

Fourth grade school winners: Molly Riley of Brooks; Naomi Mitchell of Cedar Grove; Kennedy Scott of Crossroads; Payton Wheatley of Freedom; Eva DiEnno of Lebanon Junction; Devin Deweese of Maryville; Audrey Clarkson of Mt. Washington; Rylee Carr of Nichols; Luke Renfrow of Old Mill; Charles Shelton of Overdale; Aiden Druck of Pleasant Grove; Jennifer Naylor of Roby; and Hannah Crabtree of Shepherdsville. District winners: Third Place - Harriet Tubman by Rylee Carr; Second Place - My Grandpa is Like a Dad to Me by Aiden Druck; First Place – Amber’s Quiet Place by Jennifer Naylor.

Fifth grade school winners: Abby Schott of Brooks; Miranda Cornell of Cedar Grove; Ella McPherson of Crossroads; Madelyn Bell of Freedom; Evelyn Flaherty of Lebanon Junction; Taylor Robinette of Maryville; Marley Long of Mt. Washington; Kloie Martin of Nichols; Samantha Smith of Old Mill; Lori Meyers of Overdale; McKenna Gray of Pleasant Grove; Cameron Bell of Roby; and Donald Mattingly of Shepherdsville. District winners: Third Place - The Cowardly Bear by Lori Meyers; Second Place - A Time For Greatness: John F. Kennedy by Kloie Martin; First Place - Sweet and Sour by Marley Long.

Teacher’s Choice elementary primary school winners: Zachary Knobel of Brooks; Chloe Manus of Crossroads; Aylee Davis of Mt. Washington; Abcde Afon-Marquez of Old Mill; Tavin Swim of Pleasant Grove; and Payon Dean-McCreary of Roby. District winners: Third Place - Christmas 2016 by Zak Knobel; Second Place - Orangutans by Tavin Swim; First Place - The Worst Day Ever by Aylee Davis.

Teacher’s Choice elementary intermediate school winners: Hayden Schneider of Brooks; Austin Hibbard of Crossroads; Kate Foster of Mt. Washington; Elizabeth Turner of Old Mill; Ethan McGaren of Overdale; Jayden Robinson of Roby; and Madison Maynard of Shepherdsville. District winners: Third Place - Three Little Pencils by Hayden Schneider; Second Place - Pounce You Later by Kate Foster; First Place - Stop Child Abuse Forever by Austin Hibbard.

Elementary Creative Format school and district winner: The Horse Chase by Abbie Lawson of Maryville.

Elementary Primary Group Book school winners: Jasmyn Edwards, Emileigh Grant, Kaylee Manley, Ella Cox and Bella Mahaffey of Brooks; Noel Bannon, Braxton Burke, Eli Brooks, Caleb Gwinn and Landon Humphrey of Freedom; Tanner Hobbs, Layne Garland and Jake Elswick of Lebanon Junction; Mekayla Lloyd and Nadia Reed of Mt. Washington; and Samuel Burnett, Joseph Lewis, Grace Logan and Nolan Redden of Nichols. District winners: Third Place - How Mekayla and Nadia Became Friends by Mekayla Lloyd and Nadia Reed; Second Place - Favorite Christmas Mornings by Jasmyn Edwards, Emileigh Grant, Kaylee Manley, Ella Cox, Bella Mahaffey; First Place - The Pizza Bakery by Samuel Burnett, Joseph Lewis, Grace Logan and Nolan Redden.

Elementary Intermediate Group Book school winners: Chris Mickey, Jacob Thomas Gavin Bill and Jonah Howard of Freedom; Summer Lee and Kayla Woodham of Old Mill; and Cailee Fleming, Autumn Simcoe and Anna Lloyd of Roby. District winners: Third Place - Famous Kentucky Women by Cailee Fleming, Autumn Simcoe and Anna Lloyd; Second Place - The Secret of the Spy Twins by Summer Lee & Kayla Woodham; First Place - The Big Game by Chris Mickey, Gavin Bill, Jonah Howard, Jacob Thomas.

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