House System

Last Updated: 8/29/2019 6:25 PM

Our New House System:

House of Agnew [By Wisdom not by Force]       Core value: Be Respectful     Symbol: Maroon Heart

House of McClellan [Think On]                            Core value: Be Responsible    Symbol: Purple Spade

House of Cameron [Unite]                                    Core value: Be Cooperative    Symbol: Gold Diamond

House of Darroch [Be watchful]                          Core value: Be Safe                Symbol: Green Club


A House System is designed to connect students both within and across grade levels via a common identity, cause, and activity. It is a team within a school that allows students to make friends outside of their class and grade, have friendly competitions, have a sense of identity and belonging with others, and have mentorship and guidance from adults that they may not otherwise interact with on a daily basis. It is also seen as a way to reduce bullying within schools and to create a sense of camaraderie, friendship, and ownership....all while enjoying a little friendly competition.

All students have been divided into four houses of approximately 30 students each with faculty members acting as advisors. Each student spins a wheel to find out which one of the four houses they will join on their first day at our school.  The houses are named after Scottish clan names, and were chosen for the meaning associated with each clan’s name. We matched each house to one aspect of our Code of Chivalry (behavior expectations) that best matched the house name’s meaning.

Houses compete for house points. Students earn points for their houses through the following ways:

  • The same number of points at the house attendance percentage for each week
  • 10 bonus points if the house has 100% attendance
  • Trade in 10 golden tickets for 10 house points
  • Being in the Principal’s Golden Book five times

Students will be given a lanyard with their house name and colors to wear at school. A t-shirt in the house colors will be given to each student and staff member, as well. This will promote a sense of pride and belonging for each student. It will also help staff members identify what house each student belongs to when they are to be rewarded for their efforts and successes.

More information about our house system will be available in the near future. We encourage you to talk about this new program with your student. We are excited, and want the students to be excited as well! Please encourage them to be present and try to earn points for their house.