Attendance Plan

Maximum achievement of a student’s potential can be obtained by a full participation in the total school program.  Regular class attendance of all students is expected in order to achieve this goal.

Absences from school occur for a variety of reasons.  A note from the parent or guardian explaining the absence will be expected after each absence upon the student’s return to school.  When a child sees a doctor, dentist or goes to the funeral home, you will need to get a note.  We need notes even if you call the school and notify us of the absence or sign your child in or out during the school day.  There is a limit of (6) parent notes each school year.  All absences beyond those six days must have a note from a health care professional.

Definitions of tardies and absences:

Tardy – Any absence less than 60 minutes.

Absence – When a student is absent more than 60 minutes, the absence is calculated based on the percentage of the day.

After (6) unexcused absences or tardies, a report will be filed with the Bullitt County Board of Education.  Final determination concerning excused or unexcused events will be made by the principal.  The following are acceptable reasons for being absent from school, thus making the absence excusable:

  • Personal illness
  • Professional appts. which cannot be scheduled outside the regular school day
  • Death in the family
  • Court appearance required by subpoena or citation
  • Failure of school bus to run.  (This is still an absence, but will be excused.)
  • Serious illness in the family
  • Religious holidays and practices
  • One day for the Kentucky State Fair
  • Other reasons of an extraordinary nature approved by the principal or her designee. 

Tardies:  Students arriving after 9:10 a.m. and leaving before 3:45 p.m. will be marked tardy.  Notes are needed with the reason for the tardy so that we may determine if it will be excused or unexcused.


Checking Students Out Early – It is the school’s recommendation that students not be checked out early unless it is absolutely necessary.  Checking out a student early disrupts the educational process for every child in the classroom.  In the event that a child becomes ill, a parent or parental designee will be called.  At any point a student leaves school, he/she must first report to the school office and follow proper check-out procedures.

  • The person checking out the student must appear on the student’s identification card.
  • The person checking out the child must show a proper photo identification and complete the sign out sheet
  • The person checking out the child must be 18 years old or older.

The above procedure is to keep all of our children safe.  We ask for your cooperation in this matter to keep all of our children safe.