Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports 

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a school wide plan developed to promote desired student behaviors.  Schools establish a set of “behavior expectations”
that are expected to be followed throughout the school.

Knights Code of Chivalry               
• Be Respectful
• Be Responsible
• Be Cooperative
• Be Safe

School wide Voice Level Expectations
0 – Silence
1 – Whisper
2 – Conversation (Inside Voice)
3 – Report Out (Speaking to the
whole class)
4 – Outside

NES is committed to reminders and positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior for our students in the classroom and throughout the school.   We believe that all students deserve a positive environment for academic and social growth. To help create such an atmosphere, we teach, encourage, coach and reinforce appropriate behavior by following the Knights’ Code of Chivalry and the Behavior Choice Clip Chart.  All students begin each day on the Clip Chart at “Ready to Learn”.  During the course of the day, students move up and down the chart based upon the behavioral choices each student makes.  This team-based approach between home and school enables NES to provide proactive instruction for our students and staff.