Volunteer Information

Last Updated: 8/31/2021 3:31 PM

Cheri Mattingly is our Volunteer Coordinator.

At NES, we strive to connect to our families and our community. We welcome volunteers to serve in a variety of ways. Please contact the school if you are interested in volunteering. Ms. Mattingly is eager to assist you and will help you find your niche.

The first step in volunteering is taking care of your background check. She will be able to help you get that taken care of quickly.

We are fortunate to have a community in which we are connected, as well, as long time volunteers that enjoy serving our students.

We look forward to getting connected to you as well!

Effective immediately, ALL volunteers that will be monitoring, supervising or working with students, must have a back ground check. The cost is $10.00 and lasts for two years. Parents must have this to attend field trips or visit holiday parties.


Click link here - BACKGROUND FORM