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Bullitt County Public Schools: The Leader in Educational Excellence

Bullying Prevention


Behavior must meet three criteria to be defined as bullying:

Behavior that is aggressive and meant to hurt, humiliate, or harass another person.
Bully behavior occurs repeatedly over time.
Bullying takes place when there is a physical or social imbalance between the individuals involved.


1. Physical Bullying – Someone’s body or property is harmed. Examples:  punching, kicking, shoving, spitting, stealing, vandalizing
2. Verbal Bullying – Someone’s self-esteem is damaged or they begin to feel unsafe.  Examples: name calling, insults, verbal humiliation, threats
3. Social Bullying (relational aggression) – Someone’s relationships are negatively impacted Examples:  gossiping, excluding someone deliberately,  spreading rumors, public humiliation
4. Cyberbullying – Someone is harassed through the use of technology.  Examples: sending cruel messages by text or email, pretending to be someone else online,  hacking into social networks or email, posting mean comments & photos, creating a website meant to humiliate someone.


STOP—students are taught a signal for STOP which communicates to the “bully” that they do not want to hear anymore.

WALK– when the STOP signal doesn’t work, students should WALK away from the situation.

TALK—when STOP & WALK does not stop the problem, students should TALK to a adult in the school.

TALKING is not tattling because if the 3 step response is followed, the student has made an attempt to solve the problem on their own.

Will the Bully Be Punished?

YES! Following is Bullitt County’s Disciplinary Procedure for bullying:

1st Offense: counselor conference with the “bully,” parent contact.

2nd Offense: principal conference, a school-level disciplinary consequence, parent contact.

3rd Offense: principal conference, behavior contract, victim’s parents given option of filing complaint with Court Designated Worker


Up to 33% of students have been cyberbullied & 50% of students think cyberbullying is worse than real-world bullying


1. Be smart about what you post online and use caution when posting personal details online.  THINK—Never post anything you wouldn’t want your entire school to read.

2. If you experience cyberbullying, STOP – do not retailliate.  This will only make the problem worse.

3. Know how to report people and   BLOCK people from social networks like Facebook and Myspace.  You can also contact your cell phone company to block texts or calls from specific phone numbers.

4. Always REPORT bullying to an adult (parent, counselor, principal, or the police) especially if you have been threatened.  Save all web pages and text  or email messages as evidence.

Many teens say that people cyberbully because they think it is funny.  Harassment & bullying is not funny, it is illegal.  If you cyberbully, your words can be traced back to you.


Each Bullitt County Public Schools has a SHOUT OUT box located in their school.  The Old Mill box is near Room 10, around the corner from the office.  This box is used for students to submit a concern if they do not feel comfortable approaching an adult with the specific concern.

The information above is courtesy of the BCPS Bullying Prevention/School Safety website.

Check out StopBullying.gov for more ways to prevent bullying.

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