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Bullitt County Public Schools: The Leader in Educational Excellence
Fourteen pairs of twins attend Old Mill. Five pair of girls, five pair of boys, and four are brother and sister pairs. They are all together here for Twin Day.
Got twins?
These students have an unfair advantage on Twinning day!
A teacher and five students are dressed up as tacky tourists for Red Ribbon week. The message for the day is "Life is a journey. Travel drug free!"
Life is a journey. Travel drug free!
Mrs. Stevens and some of her students are dressed as tacky tourists for our Red Ribbon week.
Nine elementary students standing in front of balloons and a koala sign smiling for the first day of school.
First Day Ready!!!
So many smiling faces ready for the first day of school!
Four teachers and the Old Mill principal are standing in front of the Old Mill banner at their table at the Bullitt Count Kindergarten Kick-off.
Ready for Kindergarten Kick-off!
Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Kerns, Dr. Howard, Mrs. Polson, and Mrs. Adkins are ready to meet students!
A panoramic shot of students holding their astronaut craft projects made during Space Camp.
Future astronauts?
Space Camp students with their astronauts they made at Space Camp.
Two tables of children mixing slime from glue at Summer Steam Camp.
Summer Steam Camp
Mixing gooey SLIME!!!


Licensed Clinical Social Worker Marjie Miller
Meet the New Licensed Clinical Social Workers for BCPS

Focusing on academics is challenging enough but where can students turn when their troubling thoughts keep them from concentrating?

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BCPS and Bullitt County Attorney's Office Working Together to Alleviate Student Truancy

Bullitt County Public Schools (BCPS) is dedicated to ensuring that every student receives a quality education which prepares them for their life ahead.

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Stephanie McGarry
BCPS and Partners in Prevention Working Together with Drug Free Communities Grant

Bullitt County Public Schools and Bullitt County Partners in Prevention are working together with a five-year federal Drug Free Communities grant of $125,000 annually.

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Stephanie Porter
Stephanie Porter Selected District Project Director of AWARE II Mental Health Grant

Stephanie Porter has been selected as the District Project Director of the $9 million Federal AWARE II Mental Health Grant.

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District Shares in $9 Million Federal Mental Health Grant

Bullitt County Public Schools is piloting with two other participating Kentucky districts a $9 million federal grant to increase awareness of mental health issues among Kentucky students.

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District Grant Writer Jackie Roth
Jackie Roth Selected District Grant Writer

Jackie Roth has been writing, reviewing and managing grants for over 20 years and since last October was looking for something she thought her skill set would match within Bullitt County Schools.

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National Energy Intensity Reduction Recognition
Energy Intensity Reduction Results in National Honors for District

Bullitt County Public Schools has been nationally recognized for reducing their energy intensity by 21% over two million square feet.

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STAK Conference Awards
District Earns Awards at STAK Conference

The Bullitt County Public Schools Transportation Maintenance Department was awarded the highest honor of Outstanding Maintenance Department at the Student Transportation Association of Kentucky (STAK) 25th annual conference July 8-11 at the Hyatt Regency in Louisville.

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School Safety Video

Click here for the School Safety Video which will be presented July 17 during the Kentucky Association of School Administrators Conference.


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Dr. Brandy Howard
Dr. Brandy Howard Selected Old Mill Elementary School Principal

The 2019-2020 school year will be one of change for Dr. Brandy Howard.

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Mission and more...

Our Mission

Koalas celebrate successes.

We are respectful and efficient.

We hold one another accountable,

show teamwork and empathy.

Koalas CREATE!


Attendance is Important!

Early checkouts count for attendance purposes as tardies and are highly discouraged.  No early checkouts after 3:15 PM.  Not feeling well?  If absence is necessary, give us a call at 502-869-3200 by 9:30 AM or e-mail us to let us know.  


Old Mill Elementary
11540 Highway 44 East
Mt. Washington, KY 40047

Phone: 502-869-3200

Fax: 502-538-6641


Bus Riders - 8:30 AM
Car Riders - Door #12 - 8:30-8:45 AM
Breakfast Served - 8:30-8:45 AM
All students to class - 8:50 AM
Dismissal - 3:40 PM

Attendance (Absence calls-by 9:30 AM) 

Comprehensive School Improvement Plan