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Our mission is to create a collaborative and innovative learning environment where students succeed.


Attendance is important!

Early checkouts count as tardies and are highly discouraged. No early checkouts after 3:30 PM.

Not feeling well? If absence is necessary, please call 502-869-3200 by 9:30 AM or e-mail us to let us know.  


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Koalas celebrate successes.

We are respectful and efficient.

We hold one another accountable,

show teamwork and empathy.

Koalas CREATE!



All BCPS Buildings and the Central Office will be closed to outside visitors beginning March 18

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2020-2021 School Supply Lists

2020-2021 School Calendar Amended 2/16/2021

2020/2021 CLASS LISTS

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A cartoon turkey is dressed as a cowboy from a popular animated movie.
A cartoon of a turkey is covered with aqua colored fabric and lace and sparkles. It is also wearing a pearl necklace and crown to be disguised as a princess.
This cartoon of a turkey is painted and decorate to look like a triceratops.
A cartoon of a turkey hiding behind a Christmas tree made from paper cut-outs.
This cartoon picture of a turkey is covered with fall leaves for a disguise.
This cartoon turkey is colored with a brown marker and has bright colored paper blob shapes glued all over it for very colorful camouflage.
This cartoon turkey has a big round black piece of paper with eight red eyes and four strips of crinkled paper glued on each side to look like a big spider.
This cartoon turkey has black cow spots and is standing in a bright field of grass and pink flowers. The word "moo!" is written on the top of the page.

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