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Anderson, Fay
Downs, Kyle
Mullins, Bryan
Tackett, Nathan (Dept. Chair)

Adkins, Dallas
Armstrong, Dustin
Atchley, Emily
Cecil, Natalie
Cinnamon, Nicole
Edelen, John
Fryman, Denise (Dept. Chair)
Fust, Jessica
Gordon, Melissa
Hoben, Katie
Jessie-Minton, Christina
Sharpe, Craig
Swearingen, Trevor
Wertz, Alexandra
Williams, Larry
Wood, Hunter


Armstrong, Joelle
Capito, Erica
Cook, Cassidy
Craven, Leo
Crepps, Maggie
Gallahue, Vanessa
Haney, Kari
Kelty, Jason
Lloyd, Leslie
Miller, Madison
Steinmetz, Larry (Dept. Chair)
Stivers, Brooke


Fine Arts
Barrett, Dan--Drama
Gary, Carrie--Choir (Dept. Chair)
Kelty, Jason
Novak, Jason--Band


Foreign Language
Hoglen, Jenna--Spanish
Mann, Madelyn--Spanish
Molter, Brandi--Spanish
Swift, Pam--German(website)  French(website) (Dept. Chair)


Abshire, Christi
Couch, Jason
Phillips, Steven
Pitcock, Debbie
Robinson, Paige
Sheehan, Brandi
Stobaugh, Kristen  (Dept. Chair)
Thornsberry, Brenda
Thornsberry, Kenny
Tinelli, Kristy


Practical Living/Career Studies
Craddock,Korey--Physical Education
Witt, Brittany--Health/Physical Education
Godbold, Laura--Nursing
Hare, Dona--Health  (Dept. Chair)
Hefner, Toliver -- Health
Hensley, Bethany--Nursing
Jones, Rhiannon--Family Consumer Sciences
Bustetter, Dave--Family Consumer Science
McConnell, Megan--Agriculture
Nunn, Carolyn--Law Enforcement


Battcher, Lauren
Denny, Kate
Dickerson, Jason
Harrod, Amy  (Dept. Chair)
Hooper, Dylan
Huether, Jonathan
Lewis, J.T.
Snow, Victor
Vanmeter, Kassi


Social Studies
Akridge, Sarah (Dept. Chair)
Bernard, Cameron
Brangers, Mike
DiStefano, Jr.
Faucett, Tyler
Kendrick, Keegan
Lentz, Nathan
McGrew, Carmen
Wood, John