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Expectations for Student Dress


Student attire is primarily a matter of personal preference and family guidelines. However, students' dress may not be disruptive, unsafe, obscene or promote alcohol, drug or gang involvement. Dress that is disruptive to the educational process is not permitted. Students whose style of dress is inappropriate for school will be subject to consequences.


The following list is to serve as a guide and is not intended to be all-inclusive.

The following is NOT PERMITTED:


  1. Clothing with alcohol, tobacco or drug promotions, sexual references, vulgar, sexist or, racist sayings, or gang insignia on shirts or belts.

  2. Bandanas, or hoods.

  3. Accessories which could be considered weapons, such as spiked wrist wear or ankle bands, spiked rings or lengthy chains of any size including chains that are attached to wallets.

  4. Strapless, off-the-shoulder or revealing garments/undergarments, bare midriff tops, halters, swimsuits, strapless tube tops or bare back blouses.

  5. Cut-out/off tops or excessively baggy pants or pajamas.

  6. Shorts and/or skirts of an inappropriate length and no pockets sticking out below shorts.

  7. Leggings, spandex or yoga pants that are see through.



In order to maintain an appropriate educational atmosphere and ensure safety and security for students, the following inappropriate headgear is prohibited and will be confiscated: baseball caps, hair nets, do-rag, ski hats, beanies, headbands and other types of hats.

The Site Based Council and administration reserves the right, if necessary, to add other items to this list, especially any and all items which may affect the safety/security of the school. The Principal and Assistant Principals will have the final word on appropriate dress.


Students whose clothing is in violation of the Dress Expectations will be sent to an Assistant Principal; their parent or guardian will be contacted and requested to bring suitable clothing. Students may be detained in ISAP if they are in violation of the Dress Expectations. Students who continually violate these expectations may be subject to disciplinary procedures for defiance.


Violations of the Dress Expectations

All school personnel have the right to confiscate articles that are forbidden in school under the above expectation. Confiscated items will be sent to the Office where they may be released to the student or parent/guardian. Students who refuse to surrender an article will be subject to disciplinary procedures for defiance.

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