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Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy


Possession and Use

While on school property or while attending school –sponsored or school-related activities, whether on or off school property, students shall be permitted to possess and use personal telecommunications devices as defined by law and other related electronic devices, provided they observe the following conditions:


1. Devices shall not be used in a manner that disrupts the educational process, including, but not limited to, use that:


a. Poses a threat to academic integrity, such as cheating;


b. Violates confidentiality or privacy rights of another individual. This includes, but is not limited to,   taking photographs, video, or audio recordings of others without the permission of the Principal/designee and the affected individual(s). An exception may be made for events considered to be in the public arena (e.g. sporting events, academic competitions, or performances to which the general public is admitted) where the activity does not materially disrupt the event, prevent others from observing the event, or otherwise violate legal rights. School social events for students, activities sponsored by student clubs, and activities during the school day that are not open to the public are not considered to be in the public arena;


c. Is profane, indecent, or obscene;


d. Constitutes or promotes illegal activity or activity in violation of school rules; or


e. Constitutes or promotes sending, sharing, or possessing sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images using any electronic device.


2. Unless an emergency situation exists that involves imminent physical danger or a certified employee authorizes the student to do otherwise, devices shall be turned on and operated only before and after the regular school day and during the student’s lunch break. School Councils may modify this restriction to meet educational or instructional needs and with Board approval.


3. When students violate prohibitions of this policy, they shall be subject to disciplinary action, including losing the privilege of bringing the device onto school property and being reported to their parent/guardian. A violation also may result in a report being made to law enforcement. In addition, an administrator may confiscate the device, which shall only be returned to the student’s parent/guardian.


4. Students are responsible for keeping up with devices they bring to school. The District shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or destruction of devices brought onto school property.


5. Students shall comply with any additional rules developed by the school concerning appropriate use of telecommunication or other electronic devices.


6. Students shall not utilize a telecommunication or similar electronic device in a manner that would violate the District’s Acceptable Use policy or procedures or its Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline


7. Students shall not wear ear buds, headphones or use bluetooth speaker in hallway. Teacher discretion in class.


8. Students may check emails and text between classes in the hallway and cafeteria. Students may not answer calls or talk on phone between classes or in the cafeteria.


These restrictions shall not be interpreted to prohibit material protected under the state or federal constitutions where such material does not otherwise materially or substantially disrupt the education process or intrude upon the rights of others.




  • First Offense:  The device will be confiscated and will remain in possession of the school until the end of the next school day when it will be returned to the student.

  • Second Offense:  The device will be confiscated and will remain in possession of the school until such time that it can be returned to a parent (in person) no sooner than the end of the next school day.

  • Third Offense:  The device will be confiscated and will remain in possession of the school until the student meets with the principal to determine the length of confiscation.  Student may also receive a discipline consequence.  Repeat offenders are subject by principal discretion to having their devices locked up in the school safe until the final day of the school year.

(If the device is not claimed by the rightful owner by June 30th of that school year, the device will be forfeited to the District for disposal by auction.)


Possession of these devices at school will be at your own risk.  The school will not be responsible for loss or theft of personal property.              


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