Student Lighthouse

Student Lighthouse

April Atherton
Brittany Henon

Photo of Student Lighthouse members and their sponsors.


Roby’s Student Lighthouse Team members are to understand and practice the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Members will work closely with the staff Lighthouse Team and make a positive impact for the Roby students, staff, families, and community. Members will help plan leadership events and leadership opportunities throughout the school year and ensure Roby’s consistency as a Leader in Me school.

Roby’s Student Lighthouse Team members must consistently demonstrate the following leadership characteristics:

  1. Dependability, reliability, and respect
  2. Completes classwork and homework assignments
  3. Strong work ethic
  4. Exemplary conduct and citizenship in and out of school
  5. Excellent attendance (on time with limited absences and early check-outs)
  6. Good judgment and decision making skills
  7. Comfortable with public speaking
  8. Ability to teach and demonstrate the 7 Habits to other students


Student Lighthouse members meet at least once a month and sometimes on an as needed basis.