New to Roby

Welcome New Roby Leaders! 

We are so excited to have you join us.  Below are some important information to help make your new journey as simple as possible.  


It is crucial that your student is here ALL day EVERY day.  Our school wide goal (WIG) is to have 96.5% attendance every month.  In the event of an absence please call the front office 869-7200, to make the school aware.  You must write a note or provide a doctor's note EVERY time your student is absent.  Please sign up for Parent Portal on Infinite Campus to keep track of your student's attendance and grades.  If you need help with this, please call Emily Parrott (Attendance Clerk) at 869-7200.  We need EVERY leader EVERY day!

TARDIES = *Being Late to school or Leaving School early  and  *Missing less than 35%  of the school day

 Check ins from            9:10 am until 11:32 am  =   tardy

Check outs from           1:28 pm  until 3:50 pm  =   tardy

HALF DAY = missing 35% to 84% of the school day

Check ins  from            11:33 am until 2:48 pm   =  half day

Check outs from           10:12 am until 1:27 pm   =  half day

ABSENT DAY = missing 85% or more of the school day

Checkin ins from           2:49 pm until 3:50 pm   =  absent day

Check outs from            9:10 am until 10:11 am  =  absent day

Roby Parent-Student Carebook
     This includes all of Roby's policies and procedures for the school year.  

Roby's Dress Code
     We are a uniform school and this link will help guide you through deciding what is appropriate school attire.  

Lunch Menus
     This link will direct you to the district's site for all school breakfast and lunch menus.  

Parent Links
     Our parent link tab at the top of the site will give you a list of other important links for the school year.  

Student Links
     The student tab at the top of the site will give you a list of student link to important websites and resources your child will need throughout the school year.