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Music Teacher: Stacey Stults


I am Stacey Stults, music teacher at Shepherdsville Elem.  I have a wonderful husband who is also a music teacher and 4 beautiful children.  My youngest daughter is from Malawi, Africa.  We traveled there this past February to bring her home.  It's been a fun summer showing her lots of new things and teaching her to swim.  When I’m not making music in my classroom or traveling across the world, I love to work in the dirt and make flowers grow.  I also like growing my own vegetables and making homemade salsa.  My whole family enjoys being outside together whether it be swimming, hiking or making s’mores around the fire. 

I love teaching at Shepherdsville Elementary and making music with your kiddos.  Whether online or in person, It’s going to be an exciting year of playing instruments, singing, dancing, and learning.  We are a very musical bunch of stingrays and I can't wait to see what we create together.