Medication Procedures


Medication is to be given out only with parent or legal guardian’s written permission. According to Bullitt County Public Schools’ policy, no child is to bring medicine to school on his/her person. All medications are to be brought to school in the original container by the parent/guardian and placed in the care of designated school personnel who keep the medications in a secure environment.

At Shepherdsville, office staff who have been trained in medication procedures, keep medications in a locked area and monitor the dispensation of the medications to the children. A school staff person monitors the actual consumption or application of the medication. In addition, the parent/guardian is responsible for having the physician and/or parent/guardian complete the "Permission Form for Prescribed or Over-the-Counter Medication" and for returning the completed form to the school prior to the administration of any medication. These procedures are for the protection of all of students.

Medication must be brought to school in its original container with the prescription label attached. This must include:

  • *  Student’s name

  • *  Name, address, and phone number of physician

  • *  Name of medicine

  • *  Directions for dosage, frequency and method of administration