Car Rider and Walker Procedures

Last Updated: 9/27/2020 7:50 PM


Parents of car riders or walkers must be issued a number in the school office. The tag should be displayed from the rear view mirror of the vehicle each time the student is picked up from school. When picking up after school, parents are to wait in the pick up line in their vehicle. Please do not get out and come into the school to get your child.

Parents who walk to pick up their child must have their school issued number and wait outside the school doors for students to be brought to them. Please do not come into the school to get your child. Parking on school property, then using your walker number to pick up your child is not permissible.

For the safety of our students, if you do not have your pick up number with you, you will be sent to the office to be issued a temporary number tag in order to pick up your child. If you have any questions concerning these procedures, please address them to the school principal