Visitors/Volunteers to Shepherdsville Elementary


PICTURE ID is REQUIRED for anyone entering the building or picking up a child. All visitors, including parents, must sign in at the front office and receive a visitor’s badge or pass before reporting to any area within the building.  Parents are not to go directly into their child’s classroom nor are they to wait / watch outside of the classroom.  This can sometimes create a disruptive situation within the classroom and instructional time is lost.


Criminal Background Checks:  In compliance with Board of Education Policy 161.044, ALL ADULTS who attend field trips or volunteer at Shepherdsville Elementary must undergo a criminal background check.  This background check must be done prior to attending trips and volunteering.  Please visit the school or volunteer office to complete this EARLY in the school year.  There is a $10.00 charge for each crime check. The process takes approximately 3 – 6 weeks to complete.  This must be on file in the school office.


Volunteers are to sign-in with the volunteer coordinator and register in the appropriate log.  Coordinators schedule parent / grandparent volunteers to assist in various areas within the school.  Volunteers make a great addition to the overall programming within the school, be it tutoring students, working on materials for teachers, or just being a helping hand with various projects.  We encourage you to be a volunteer.