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The Aviation Program at the Bullitt County ATC was introduced in the 2015-2016 school year. We will partner with JCTC, to give our students the best and most exciting aerospace education possible. During the first two years of the four year program, the students will learn the fundamentals of aerospace while getting a perspective into several fields in the aerospace industry such as flight, maintenance, engineering, and space.  Additionally, they will be introduced to the military, commercial and private aviation.  They will accomplish this through aviation history, using flight simulators, learning to fly drones, building / flying model rockets, and remotely controlled aircraft.  At the end of the students’ sophomore year he/she will pick what field they want to study more in depth in which they have two options, aeronautics or space science. In aeronautics, all students will prepare, and take the private pilot written exam.  They may also deepen their study in aeronautical engineering, or increase their knowledge through aircraft maintenance. In the space science curriculum the students have the option to take dual credit at Morehead State University or JCTC. The students could earn up to six college credits by taking Satellites and Space Systems classes. We are currently working towards dual credit for Aviation Mechanic students as well with JCTC.





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