Attendance Policy

Absences and Excuses:

Students are required to attend school regularly and are
expected to come to school on time.

Absences are monitored on a daily basis and a phone call is
made to the home; parent/guardian cell phone or the parent/guardian’s work of
the absent student. Parents are encouraged to call the school if their child is
going to be absent.

A parent or doctor’s note is required for all absences, full
day or partial.

Any student who has been absent from school without a valid
excuse for 3 days or more is considered to be TRUANT.

Parent letters are sent out to students that have 3
unexcused absences. A letter is sent for each additional unexcused absence.

When a student has accumulated 6 unexcused absences, a referral
will be sent to the Department of Pupil Personnel and a truancy referral will
be made to the court system.


Parent/Official Notes:

Notes from parents for excused absences will be accepted SIX times. After these 6 parent notes,
an official note (doctor, judge, etc.) will be required to excuse an absence. A
note containing the student’s name, date of absence, reason for absence and the
parent/guardian signature must be presented to the attendance clerk upon the
student’s return to school.


Tardies to school:

Students arriving late to or leaving early from school are

Tardies are excused if the parent/guardian states an
excusable reason on the sign in/sign out sheet.

Students who accumulate FOUR
unexcused tardies will be issued an after school detention.

Students with excessive tardies (10 or more) will be
referred to the DPP and a truancy referral will be made to the court system.