PLC Information


Tuesdays during planning

Math (Barger)

6th Grade (Coffman, Blissett, Ressor)

7th Grade (Headley, Alcorn, Hall)

8th Grade (Gajdik, Harper, Boston)


ELA/Reading Intervention – (Lynette Ward)

6th Grade (Flaherty, Willis)

7th Grade (Walker, Muench)

8th Grade (Flores, Weddle)


Unified Arts - Barger

Career Seminar – Angela Jackson

Physical Education – Tony Alvey

Creative Writing – Annette Easton

Band – Meredith Patton

Art – Dana Handy


Morning PLC   (7:30 AM -7:58 AM) – Every Tuesday

 Science – Lee Barger

6th Grade Science (McClintock/Hill/Ressor)

7th Grade Science (Johnson/Hall)

8th Grade Science (Alcorn/Boston)


Morning PLC   (7:30 AM -7:58 AM) – Every Thursday

 Social Studies – Kevin Connors

6th Grade Social Studies (McClintock/Davidson/Ressor)

7th Grade Social Studies (Curtsinger/Hall)

8th Grade Social Studies (Henry/Boston)


Common Assessments

  1. Given to Instructional Coach for review before unit begins

Communication Plan

  1. Each teacher is required a have a way that they are going to communicate with parents.
  2. Student is failing class you must call home

Retake Policy

  1. Mandatory for students with D or F
  2. Upon student request for C or higher

Infinite Campus

  1. 2 Grades per week in Infinite Campus

Learning Targets

  1. Student friendly
  2. Posted each day

Student Work

  1. Posted every 2 weeks
  2. Meaningful Feedback
  3. Rubric
  4. Date

Team Meeting Times

  1. Mondays during Planning
  2. Minutes must be turned in to Lee Barger

Lesson Plans

  1.  Posted on Website Monday Morning by 8 AM

Data Notebooks

  1. Required in each class


  1. Co-teaching models (not just 1 teach and 1 assist)

Math Automaticity

      Daily in each math class.

ARC Meetings

  1. Thursdays