Last Updated: 7/19/2018 1:36 PM

Hebron Families,

It is a proven fact that being in school every day is the number one way to excel in school. There is no substitute for the instruction missed when a student stays home. There is no form of make up work that will ever completely capture what was missed in the classroom. That is why it is so very important to have your child in school every single day possible from start to finish.

It is also the law! Just three unexcused absences in the state of Kenucky is defined as truant, 6 unexcused absences are defined as habitually truant and warrants charges to be filed to correct the problem. This is not something we take pleasure in doing so please do your part to ensure that child is in school each and every day. Please remember that there are only 175 days of school inthe year (when your child should not miss) and 190 days of the year when school is not in session. Please try to schedule doctor and dental appointments during those times when school is not in session, then the only reason a student should miss is when they have a fever or are throwing up.

As parents you can help by stressing to your student to make it to school every day. Even when they are tired or have an ache. This is teaching them good work ethic that will help them later in life. Let your child know that it is an expectation that they go to school every day.Help them understand that just as you have a job, they have one as well, going to school and being successful. Make sure that your child has a set time to do homework in the evening and that they get into the bed at a decent hour. Not completing homework and being tired are top reasons for students not wanting to come to school. Most important of all , become involved in your child’s school. If you show them that you value what they do at school they will have a higher value on school and more pride in their work.

At Hebron it is our goal to be at 97% attendance every month. We want to be the school that has the highest atendance in the district every month. We can only do this with your help.

Thank you