Last Updated: 12/17/2021 8:41 PM

Zoneton Middle School

School-Based Decision Making Council 


SBDM Council Members, 2021-22

Cynthia Bell- Principal
Derek Shouse- Teacher
Heather Cox- Teacher
Sarah Starks- Teacher
Brittany Lynch- Parent
Ginny Vaughn- Parent

Upcoming Meeting Dates, 21-22

January 10th
February 7th
March 7th
April 11th
May 2nd
June 6th

Agendas and Minutes 

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Bylaws and Policies

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SBDM Bylaws

SBDM Policy F1- Consultation

SBDM Policy F2- Curriculum

SBDM Policy F3- Master Schedule

SBDM Policy F4- Budget

SBDM Policy F5- Instructional Practices

SBDM Policy F6- Discipline and Classroom Management

SBDM Policy F7- Extracurricular

SBDM Policy F8- Technology

SBDM Policy F10- Principal Selection

SBDM Policy F11- Algebra

SBDM Policy F12- Parent Involvement

SBDM Policy F13- Emergency Management

SBDM Policy F14- Wellness

SBDM Policy F15- ESS

SBDM Policy F16- Writing Policy