Home Hospital

Emily Hurst-Jones
Home Hospital Coordinator


Often referred to as Homebound, the Home Hospital program is a service to students who are unable to attend  school for five consecutive days or longer due to medical reasons.  The Home Hospital teacher serves as a liaison between participating students and their classroom teachers.  Assignments are gathered and presented to students at two visits each week with one hour of instruction each visit.

The Home Hospital program is to be used on a limited basis until the child has been released to go back to school.  The medical condition must be verified by an application completed and signed by a doctor appropriate to the student's medical condition.  The application can be found by clicking here.

For more information please download this brochure explaining the program:  Home Hospital Informational Brochure


Emily Hurst-Jones    Emily Hurst-Jones

    Home Hospital Coordinator/Teacher

     Email:  emily.hurst@bullitt.kyschools.us

      Phone:  502-869-8113




    Monty Edwards

    Home Hospital Teacher

     Email:  monty.edwards@bullitt.kyschools.us

     Phone:  502-869-8181