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College/Career Readiness

Picture of Lee Barger, Director of College and Career Readiness
Lee Barger
Director, College & Career Readiness/Innovative Programs


  Lee Barger 



 Dr. Lee Barger

 Director, College & Career  
 Readiness/Innovative Programs
 Phone:  502-869-8000
 Cell Phone: 502-889-0219




Secretary:  Tammy Tomes
Phone: (502) 869-8084
Coronavirus Updates
Dual Credit Update : Click HERE
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ACT Testing Update
The Kentucky Department of Education is working with representatives from ACT to provide additional options for state provided ACT testing. KDE is trying to secure another ACT test date (possibly this fall) for current juniors who did not test due to absence or school closure on March 10, 2020 (Initial Test Date) and accommodated students who were unable to complete testing. Additional information will be provided when details are finalized.

Per the communication sent by OCTE on 4/1/2020 (attached) only enter certificates that were earned up to March 13, 2020. Remember, accountability is suspended for the 19-20 school year. If the student earned the JROTC completion certificate at the end of the year, it would still benefit the student for them to have it, it just does not have to be entered into TEDS. If the student is an underclassman, the certificate can be entered once we are past this issue and certificate entry resumes.


AP Exam Update
The College Board announced Friday that Advanced Placement exams will move online amid widespread school closures stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. The 45-minute tests will be taken via computer, tablet or phone, and there may be an option to submit a photo of handwritten work.
CTE End of Program Testing Update
Due to school closures during the assessment test window, KDE will work with districts and schools to reschedule CTE EOP assessments. More details will be shared as they become available.
Industry Certification Tests Update

The KDE OCTEST recommends that 2019-2020 senior students wishing to pursue an industry certification be tentatively given the opportunity to do so during the summer or early fall months.  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, guidance from the KDE OCTEST will be provided in the coming weeks. These assessment opportunities, whether written, virtual, performance-based or a combination thereof, should be administered and proctored pursuant to 703 KAR 5:080, Administration Code for Kentucky's Educational Assessment Program and 703 KAR 5:070, Inclusion of Special Populations in the State-Required Assessment and Accountability Programs.  Additionally, testing guidelines established by the assessment vendor shall also apply. Please be advised that the KDE does not support non-proctored vendor testing that would otherwise be proctored live and in-person outside of the COVID-19 emergency. 

Furthermore, please note there will be no additional funding distributed this academic year for industry certification exams; however, the KDE OCTEST is currently exploring options for the carry forward of state and federal funding that is already allocated for industry certifications.  More information will be forthcoming on this topic as it becomes available.

Like EOP and TRACK assessments, please be advised that industry certification assessment results will not be reported or included within a school or district’s state and federal accountability for the 2019-2020 academic year.  Any valid industry certifications earned by underclassmen prior to March 13, 2020 will carry forward for future years’ accountability. Again, schools and districts are strongly encouraged to make certification opportunities available to any senior student who is interested, as the successful earning of a valid industry certification or credential carries labor market value and often provides opportunities for postsecondary and career acceleration

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