Energy Management Resources

Energy Last Updated: 11/30/2020 6:36 PM

Here are some resources to help you with energy efficiency and conservation, as well as other sustainability topics - whether it's for your classroom, school, business, or home.


ENERGY STAR Logo  ENERGY STAR - find information about the EPA's ENERGY STAR program.  They provide information about energy efficiency and conservation for businesses, schools, and individual homes.  You'll find information on everything from becoming an ENERGY STAR partner to purchasing energy efficient, ENERGY STAR rated appliances and other electronic devices.  

ENERGY STAR Kids  ENERGY STAR Kids - find information through ENERGY STAR, specificially for kids.  Find learning opportunities and activities about energy efficiency, conservation, and the environment for kids.  There are also links, information, and activities for parents and teachers to use with their children.

US Department of Energy  U.S. Department of Energy - find information on everything from what's new in the field of energy and scientific research, to our economy and energy, how energy impacts our security and safety, and resources on how to save energy, which will help you save money.

National Energy Education Development Project  NEED (National Energy Education Development Project) - promotes energy education for students in K-12.  They provide professional development for teachers through local and national workshops.  They also provide curriculum and hands on materials for use in the classroom.

Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools  Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools - a project of the Kentucky Environmental Education Council.  The program's mission is to increase environmental awareness, give students tools to benefit the environment and student health, and to give teachers hands on inquiry based investigative tools to complete projects with their students.  Their 9 inventories cover subjects ranging from solid waste to energy to indoor air quality and water conservation.

Kentucky Environmental Education CouncilKentucky Environmental Education Council - an agency of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.  Offering environmental education, professional development and resources for all Kentucky citizens.  Offers a bi-annual professional environmental education certification program.  (Parent program of KY Green & Healthy Schools)