Student Services
Understanding Truancy Policies and Procedures

What is the new law regarding Truancy?

Kentucky legislators voted in 2005 to change the law regarding students who are considered habitually truant and therefore subject to court action (KRS 159.150). In order to reduce the number of unexcused absences or tardies, a student is now considered habitually truant on the sixth (6) unexcused absence.

What have the Bullitt County Schools done to help parents with this new law change?

Students may now submit a signed note from their parent/guardian to excuse an absence due to illness. Students may use up to six(6) of these notes per school year.  These notes will only excuse six days. 

For example, is a student misses two days due to illness and returns with a note from parent/guardian, they have used two of the total six days.

What about student illness after the six notes have been used?

Any absence beyond the six (6) days due to illness must be verified by a doctor’s statement in order to be considered excused.

What is the actual definition of truancy?

Any child who has been absent from school for three(3) days or tardy on three (3) days without valid excuse is truant.

What are Bullitt County’s procedures for dealing with truancy?

On or after the sixth (6) unexcused absence a final notice will be mailed or delivered. Students in elementary and middle school will receive a home visit. Students in high school will receive either a home or school visit. If a high school student is met at school, a final notice will be mailed to the parent/guardian. This is to make sure that both the student and the parent/guardian are aware of exactly where they are in the process.

What if I am not home when a home visit attempt is made?

The final notice will be left near the front door of the premises.

What happens if a student continues to miss more days unexcused after the final notice has been given?

Once the final notice has been given, the parent/guardian and the student should work together to ensure no more unexcused absences.  If the student continues to miss, the student along with the parent/guardian could be referred to the Truancy Diversion Program but is not a mandatory step prior to court.  Depending on the circumstances, charges could be filed if absences continue after the final notice has been sent.

What is the result of a petition being filed?

The petition will result in a summons to appear in court.  From this point, the court will give you guidelines and directions on your truancy issues.  If those guidelines are not followed, a contempt motion will be filed in court.

It is the wishes of the Bullitt County Schools that once a final notice is given, students will not have anymore unexcused absences. 

If this is the case, no further steps will be taken.