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Maryville Elementary School Wax Museum
Maryvile Elementary School featured their annual wax museum with fifth grade students such as Alex Simms and Austin Wooden portaying Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Tyler Brown and Braxton Ballman as Jackie Robinson and Peewee Reese. Maddie Collins as Harriet Tubman. Abby Murphy as Clara Barton. Haylee Hartman and Zach Hardin were the Wright Brothers. Riley Scrogham told the story of Amelia Earhart. Maryville wax museum. Kylie Downey and Sophia Quevedo played Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Maryvile wax museum, Maryville wax museum. Tour guides Jasmine Enderwitz and Kera Page Allen halt for the presentation by Ethan Powell as Walt Disney. Hunter Etherton and Devin Stone as explorers Lewis and Clark enjoyed participating in the wax museum. Maryville wax museum. Karma Williams and Karlie Rogers were the Wright Brothers. Maryville wax museum. Tour guide Kera PageAllen looked through the material of Edgar Allen Poe by Max Bowman. Mryville wax museum. Alishia Stottman as Michelle Obama watches Emma Meyer sign her name. Maryville wax museum.
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