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2019 District Recruitment Fair
Mt. Washington Middle School Assistant Principal Carl Curtsinger spoke with a visitor at the 2019 District Recruitment Fair. Teacher candidates spoke with Nichols Elementary School Principal Anne Marie Landry. 2019 District Recruitment Fair. Bullitt East Principal Chris Mason listened to a candidate interested in a secondary school teaching position. Zoneton Middle School Principal Cynthia Bell looked over the resume of a prospective teacher. 2019 District recruitment Fair. Bulltt Lick Middle School Principal Kevin Connors receives paperwork from a prospective teacher. Overdale Elementary Principal Dana Brown watches the reaction of a prospective teacher. Hebron Middle School Assistant Principal Elizabeth Starnes and Principal Kelland speak with teacher candidates. Cedar Grove Elementary Principal Bryan Flachbart engages in conversation with prospective teachers. 2019 District Recruitment Fair. Crossroads Elementary School Principal Julie Wright and Mt. Washington Elementary School Principal Julie Leston listen to a possible teacher. Nichols Elementary Principal Anne Marie Landry and a teacher candidate at the district recruitment fair. 2029 District Recruitment Fair. Mt. Washington Elementary School Principal Julie Leston and a prospective teacher enjoyed a laugh. 2019 District Recruitment Fair.
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