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Bullitt East High School Senior Logan Calhoun Shares His School to Work Experience at UPS

Logan Calhoun working at UPS

It took only one visit from United Parcel Service representatives for Bullitt East High School Senior Logan Calhoun to make a logistical decision.

He is one of 33 Bullitt County youth participating in the UPS School to Work program.

Logan, 18, attends a BE classroom from 7:20-10:30 a.m., then earns a salary unloading packages from UPS airplanes at the Louisville Worldport from 10:50 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

“I signed up for seasonal work the year before,” he said. “The people at UPS informed us about School to Work and the benefits of it. They kept in touch with our school and we’re reminded often when and how we can sign up for the program.”

Logan and classmate Trinity Money, 17, were chosen by UPS management as examples of hard-working, ambitious students to share their experience with BCPS administrators during an August Leadership Team Meeting at the company employment and recruitment office.

Welcoming guests was UPS Recruiter and BEHS 2014 graduate Blake Allen who described the work ethic of local teens as ‘solid.’

“These students are taking full advantage of the benefits offered by UPS,” Blake said. “Bullitt County students are among the best workers we have and we are always looking for more.”

Public Relations Manager of UPS Airlines Jim Mayer praised Logan’s and Trinity’s job performance.

“Both are high quality workers getting the job done and providing a win/win situation for UPS and Bullitt County Public Schools,” he said.

UPS Worldport, next to Louisville International Airport, is the world’s largest commerce carrier with dozens of aircraft transporting thousands of packages around the globe daily.

Logan and Trinity are part of a well-managed and organized team of package handlers. Hundreds of other UPS professionals make their living servicing planes, preparing parcels for transport and recruiting the next generation of UPS workers.

Logan said a very strong selling point by UPS was salary, especially during the busy holiday period.

“Seasonal work does offer a good chance to make a lot of money,” he said. “They also knew I was aware of the School to Work aspect and knew I wanted those benefits with college, money, etc. It’s just a great program and I felt like it gave me a lot of opportunities in life.”

Logan said what he enjoys most about the UPS work is the pay and the people.

“We are not only making good money but you meet some really cool people that you can bond with while you’re doing your job,” he said. “Also, with such a hands-on job comes the feeling that you’re doing something productive and active in your day.”

He feels the greatest challenge is to stay on that steady day-to-day schedule.

“Although it can be a little tough at first, it really does make you feel like you’re keeping your daily schedule organized and you’re gaining very good habits for the future,” he said.

Logan cited a beneficial work schedule which affords more hours for school work.

     “Honestly, I think UPS has helped me balance my homework,” he noted. “Going from working a 4:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. job after school to working around 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., I actually get more time in my day. I’m able to go to school and focus on my core classes, go to work and make money, go to the gym and get a workout in and still have time for homework.”

While Blake and his colleagues encourage a career at UPS, they know the profession is not for everyone.

Logan is considering the field of engineering and looking into colleges.

“Senior year does put that pressure on me but I’m trying to take my time to figure out what I want to pursue first and then see what college offers me the best opportunity for that field,” he said.

He will always appreciate being part of the UPS School to Work Initiative.

“I feel UPS is giving me so many opportunities not only to pay for my college in state so I can earn a degree, but they even offered me a chance to job shadow and see what kind of daily work engineers at UPS do. That could also be a potential career at some point in my life if I’m interested in what they do,” he said.

Before graduating in 2019, Logan plans to encourage classmates to consider working at UPS.

“Take all the opportunities you can and UPS gives them to you,” he said. “This is a good chance to make money instead of wasting time on ‘filler’ classes in school, to earn college credit, have your tuition paid for and even explore the various careers that they offer at UPS. All around here at UPS, I feel like I’m pursuing something greater and have so many options to choose from.”

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