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Trinity Money Embarked on the UPS School to Work Experience Thanks to Bullitt East High School Graduate Blake Allen

Trinity Money at UPS

Attending the annual Bullitt East High School college fair, junior Trinity Money was already working at Panera Bread but wanted something different.

“Thinking of my future knowing I could graduate from college debt free was a major selling point for me,” she said.

Blake Allen, 2014 BE graduate, works as a UPS recruiter and his encouraging talk struck a chord with Trinity.

“When I first talked to Blake, I had no thoughts of going into UPS but my mind was definitely changed quickly,” she said. “UPS was there to offer me so many opportunities, allowed me to get out of school early my senior year, and offered a pay that I wasn’t exactly used to working in fast food. I never had a second thought about UPS.”

Joining the School to Work program at the end of her junior year, Trinity showed dedication by arriving for work at UPS 10 minutes early every day.

With school in session, she usually gets up between 5:30-6 every morning, attends Algebra III, College English 101 and Criminal Justice, and then leaves for her UPS job.

"After work, I go home to do my homework if I have any,” she said. “After a long day of work, it helps me get a good night sleep for the next day.”

Trinity said she enjoys working with her hands the best at UPS.

“Going fast and having a hands-on part at UPS makes my day go by incredibly fast,” she said. “I enjoy working with who I work with and my supervisor. Working at UPS has brought me out of my comfort zone an incredible amount and that’s what I’m most thankful for at UPS.”

One unique challenge Trinity faces at work is overcoming her height.

“Being 5’0”, it’s harder for me than it is others but I never let that stop me,” she said. “The challenges of UPS and the STW program often vary. Trying not to take a nap when I get home is very hard and getting up in the morning is just as hard.”

Balancing homework and UPS isn’t a struggle for Trinity since she gets off work at a reasonable time.

“I still have time to go home, eat and do my homework without it being midnight. UPS has given me time to do my homework without a rush,” she said.

Trinity’s career aspiration is Criminal Justice with an emphasis on the investigation side and is considering Bellarmine University, Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Louisville.

Trinity encourages fellow students to pursue the UPS School to Work experience.

“This has been incredible for me,” she said. “Not only will you be going to school for three classes, you get to make money at the same time and depending on the area you work at UPS, you get off at the same time many kids are getting out of school.”

The many opportunities UPS offers are difficult to pass up. Trinity said the job is not the easiest but also not the hardest.

“Absolutely everyone can do it!” she said. “UPS has been great to me and I know it’s going to do great things for me throughout my senior year and further.”

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