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Chick-fil-A Partnering with Bullitt Alternative and Riverview Opportunity Centers

Chick-fil-A at Riverview Opportunity Center

Business partnerships with schools are a win-win for all involved.

Riverview Opportunity and Bullitt Alternative Center Assistant Principal Rich Watson and the Jefferson Commons Chick-fil-A are partnering to drive home the importance of student initiative.

“We want to produce quality students both in the community and in the workplace,” Watson explained. “Students in our buildings come from a variety of backgrounds. Our teachers and staff want to showcase our students and praise them for going above and beyond the everyday student.”

About a year ago, Watson contacted Chick-fil-A’s Ashley Foxworth and they created a partnership for students.

“This stemmed from student projects in English class,” Watson said. “I eventually reached out looking for a partnership and donations. Ms. Foxworth was the Sales and Marketing Director at the Jefferson Commons Chick-fil-A location on the Outer Loop,” Watson explained. 

Since then, Foxworth has been promoted within the company and Watson now works with Marketing Coordinator Kimmie Imlay.

“Chick-fil-A has been wonderful during this partnership,” Watson said. “They have shared several ideas on how they can partner with us, teach soft skills to our students, and how they can help us fundraise for student and school activities. I am excited for their enthusiastic approach to our partnership.”

Imlay spoke positively about the partnership saying the popular restaurant chain is invested in student success.

“We feel strongly that tomorrow’s productive work force is learning in today’s classrooms,” she said. “It is a privilege to work with Mr. Watson and his students to provide incentives for achievement.”

Chick-fil-A management spoke to students Sept. 18 and will return Oct. 18. Imlay said it is important for youth to hear from workers about careers.

“Management discusses the basics such as resume writing and job interviews to good employee attendance and customer service,” she said. “We also bring incentives that students can earn.”

Watson has shared donated Chick-fil-A meal cards with both ROC and BAC students making it a true multi-school partnership. Several of the cards found their way into the unique-to-the-facility Riverbuck Box.

“The Riverbuck Box is our school incentive program and the box is where students actually put the incentive tickets (ROC uses a school wide incentive program when students are caught doing something great a staff member will give them a Riverbuck),” Watson explained. “They put their name on the buck and turn it into the office. Each Friday, students’ names are drawn and they receive an incentive. Different incentives include items our teachers donate and the Chick-fil-A meal cards.”

Imlay said the partnership will be reviewed at school year’s end to determine if it will continue.

She feels confident it will.

“I look forward to working with the BAC and ROC staff for several years,” she said.

Chick-fil-A joins established business partners Dairy Queen and McDonald’s of Shepherdsville.

“These partnerships have been a similar relationship,” Watson explained. “Both stores have given donations via free meals or snacks on a free coupon. Students at BAC and ROC have earned these by good attendance, hard work in the classroom, or doing something that makes them shine as exceptional students.”

Additional businesses are welcome to invest in these students’ future by emailing Watson at

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