Slight alteration to Central Time

Advisory Calendar

Bullitt Central is excited to continue implementing Central Time into our students’ academic lives – with a slight improvement to how it will be run. Central Time is a 35-minute period in the middle of each school day devoted to ensuring students are academically successful and connected to our school by providing them an opportunity to meet twice weekly with an advisory group and attend intervention or enrichment sessions three times a week. Central Time ultimately aims to connect students to Bullitt Central, while also offering them a true connection with an advisor – someone to take special care in your student’s academic life. 

This past week, we had a trial run of our new change, where students were asked to sign up for interventions and enrichment during their advisory session on Tuesday. In the past, we’ve let students walk around the day of and determine where they need or want to go. However, we have concluded that having a sign-up sheet in the days beforehand allows for better planning for the week, not only for our advisors and teachers, but for our students as they navigate their schedules. 

We were very pleased with our trial run! We will be implementing this change beginning the week of January 17, where students will be required to sign up for their interventions or enrichments every Tuesday during their Advisory session. The Central Time sign-up form will be posted in each grade-level Google Classroom every Tuesday at 10:10 AM. Once an intervention or enrichment class reaches capacity, it will no longer be listed as a selection choice for students. 


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