ATC Industrial Maintenance students build and sell bridge designs

bridge testing

In the past couple weeks, students in Mr. Wallen’s Industrial Maintenance course built bridges out of nothing but cardboard and hot glue, which were then put to the test against bricks and cinder blocks. This is a favorite project of the Industrial Maintenance class, where students are able to experiment with bridge building and attempt to create something that can hold upwards to 300 pounds. 

This project not only has students building bridges, using their knowledge of types of bridge architecture, but students are also required to stay within a “budget” of materials and present their bridge concept to individuals like the acting mayor. Students get the full experience of building and selling within this project. 

After the bridges are built, the budgets analyzed, and the presentations made, students get to put their bridges to the test. The bridge is placed across a platform and weights are hung from the bridge's center. Bricks and cinder blocks are hung from the bridge until it collapses. 



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