2020-2021: A Year in Review


While this year has proved to be unusual, the Area Technology Center and the Riverview Opportunity Center have stayed busy, with students more dedicated than ever to their chosen crafts and programs. 


“This year’s ATC Senior class has demonstrated exceptional work and perseverance,” says ATC Principal Darrell Vincent. “We have 90.23% of our current seniors transition ready, with 83% of them having either an industry certification or at least 6 hours of dual credit in their career pathway.” 


Our students have been unstoppable this year! Check out some of the amazing things they’ve been doing. 


  • Two ATC/ROC-CRC students have been accepted into the KY Fame program. Only four students in the district were selected for the KY Fame. Both our ATC/ROC students have accumulated approximately 18+ dual credit hours in Industrial Maintenance and Diesel Technology at JCTC and ECTC respectively. 

  • We started our Dual Credit Aviation Maintenance Cohort Program in 2018-2019. We just had our first two students complete the rest of their coursework in the adult program and are preparing for their national certifications in General, Airframe, & power plant. There are currently 18 students in this program, and one of them was featured as a Spectrum News 1 Scholar Award Winner; view here. We are currently accepting applications for our fourth cohort in this program with JCTC.

  • We started a new high school cohort program for our high school students partnering with JCTC to address our county EMT / Paramedic Shortage. We have 14 students that completed dual credit course work through JCTC and 11 are preparing to sit for their National Certification examination. Some will be immediately working in the field while others will pursue medical careers including possibly paramedic. Seniors in this year’s program completed 6 dual credit hours in the program and did ambulance ride-alongs with 12 patient contacts. We are currently recruiting for our second cohort. 

  • For the upcoming 2021-2022 school year, BCPS and our ATC/ROC campus are partnering with Campbellsville University to create dual credit cohorts in Criminal Justice and Montessori Education. We are also working with Campbellsville to offer dual credit Biology this year and dual credit Anatomy Courses for students starting in 2022. 

  • JCTC has also reserved dual credit spots for our students in HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Industrial Maintenance, and Computerized Machining and Manufacturing. We also have a 2022 senior student that has been admitted into the Mercedes Benz Accelerate program at JCTC for the fall, where he will obtain 17 credit hours this fall.

  • BCPS is creating a Virtual Learning Academy for the fall of 2021, and through our successful partnerships with JCTC, students will have the opportunity to complete an associate’s degree in Business or Information Technology (Network Administration Track). 

  • We are also partnering with JCTC to promote new earn and learn Fame type programs including Jefferson Built in the Construction Trades and BIT502 in Information Technology. 


“I think our ATC and school system is ahead of the game on having dual credit cohort programs available to our students,” adds Principal Vincent. “I believe our partnership with the folks at JCTC is one of the strongest in the state, and our students are reaping the rewards of these opportunities. We are also very proud of our growing partnership with ROC-CRC and Campbellsville University.” 


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