BCHS ROAR Store finally open

ROAR Store

The moment our students have been waiting for has arrived! The ROAR Store has finally opened this week! The ROAR Store has an inventory of special treats, spirit gear and wear, and other miscellaneous items that students can “purchase” with the ROAR points they are receiving through the PBISRewards site. Students receive points by exhibiting positive behaviors that coincide with our acronym, ROAR: Respect, Ownership, Acceptance, and Resilience. 

ROAR Store items range in price, and we are continually looking to expand our inventory. We will even be offering some different privileges and incentives from teachers throughout the building. Each week, students can purchase ONE item, or they can save up for a more expensive item at a later date. 

All students are able to place their online order through the PBISRewards website or app -- a new feature for our BCHS students this year, as we took our PBISRewards virtual! Students can place their order Monday through Thursday. Then, orders will be filled and students can pick their item up on Friday during their lunch period at the ROAR Store, located in the concession stand in the main lobby. Further information about the ordering process was posted on the school’s social media sites, as well as in the students’ grade level Google Classrooms. 

Students are very clearly excited about the store’s new digital look, and we have already sold out of many items -- after just opening this week! We love the enthusiasm they are showing and the pride they are taking in the points they are earning. We encourage them to continue to give “R”espect, take “O”wnership, show “A”cceptance, and model “R”esilience to rack up those points. 

If you are a parent, grandparent, business owner, or community member in general, and you would like to contribute to the cause, we can take donations! BCHS would love to have snack items like individual boxes of candy, bags of chips, and other individually packaged snack items. Anything you think teenagers would like to have (restaurant gift cards, gas cards, movie gift certificates, etc.), we will gladly accept and put in our ROAR Store. 

Please reach out to Mrs. Christy Burden, Assistant Principal, or Mrs. Sarah Norris, PBIS Coach, if you would like to discuss a donation. Additionally, you can drop off items in the school office at any time. Please leave your name and contact information so we know who to thank! 


Christy Burden - christy.burden2@bullitt.kyschools.us

Sarah Norris - sarah.norris@bullitt.kyschools.us 


We’d like to extend one final, special thank you to some members of our baseball team for being our ROAR Store models!



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