BE Athletics continues to excel

Girls' Basketball

Congratulations to Bullitt East Athletics, which has many teams wrapping up their seasons with incredible wins, and many teams starting up with successful seasons. All of our teams have excelled and made their BE family proud, despite the challenges each team has faced with the shortened and unusual season. 

We would like to recognize some of our teams for their accomplishments. 


Congratulations to our Wrestling Team who had multiple wrestlers compete at the State Level. The team had three wrestlers advance to the medal rounds of the State Tournament this past weekend: Jack Willard, Bryan Faucett, and Matthew Hendricks. Only the top 8 wrestlers in each weight class are able to move on to that tournament. Last year, we had one wrestler receive a state medal; this year, all three wrestlers will receive state medals. 

In addition, the Girls’ Wrestling Team had two wrestlers place top 5 in their weight classes: Emily Hendricks placed second, Mariah Gardner placed third. 


Congratulations to our Bowling Team, who made it to the quarterfinals competition for the first time in BE history! The bowling team was co-ed this season, with nine members and two unified bowlers. The team initially struggled in the face of the season’s challenges, but brought it together the last three weeks of the season, winning their division of the Louisville City Tournament out of nine teams. 

At the Regional matches, the team had to win three games in order to advance, securing victories against Jeffersontown, Fairdale, and Fern Creek, and securing a spot in the State Championships. At State, the team made it past the first round and landed themselves in the Top 8, much further than they bowled last year. 

“These huge upsets made me very proud of our team,” says Coach Lenny Raley. “We will continue to strive to improve to make a return visit.” 


This past weekend, our Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams both played in the Regional Finals. The Girls’ Team defeated Butler at Regional Finals and the Boys defeated Western to earn the  championship titles in Region 6.  Both  advanced to the Sweet 16, which will be hosted in Lexington at RUPP Arena. It is historic for BOTH teams to win Regional titles and play in the Sweet 16 Tournaments.  

“This is a huge deal for our program,” says Assistant Coach Katie Hoben. “We have never been back to back in consecutive years in our program history. Our team has come a long way, and they are putting on really entertaining performances, mainly because you can tell how much they love one another and our staff. It’s fun seeing that shine through when they play.” 

Our Girls begin play at 2 PM on Thursday, April 8. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. Wish them luck!

Our Boys played at 2 PM on Thursday, April 1 vs McCracken County. They played a tough first round game, falling to the Mustangs 68-55. We could not be more proud of our Boys and Coach Couch, and thank them for an amazing season. #heartoverhype


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