CARES funding sponsors THRIVE Academy


First year educators enter a classroom with as much school training as possible, but no amount of college or student teaching can match actual classroom management. This is why the THRIVE Academy exists: to provide the support first year educators need to transition from student teaching to having his/her own classroom. 

Through the Kentucky Department of Education, Federal CARES funding allocated nearly $13,000 for nearly forty first year teachers to meet with consultants Terri Lewis and Melissa Whicker, both former Bullitt County elementary school principals. 

Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning Adrienne Usher described the THRIVE Academy states: “Research demonstrates that comprehensive, multi-year induction programs accelerate the professional growth of new teachers, reduce the rate of new teacher attrition, provide a stronger return on the state’s and school district’s investment, and improve student learning.” 

Once in the classroom, all beginning educators must learn to teach established standards, evaluate the effects of their instruction on student performance, use student achievement data for planning and curriculum, tailor instruction to address specific learning needs, and thrive in the culture of the school. 

“The THRIVE Academy provides new teachers at all schools with focused and intentional support based on the research of Dr. Tina Boogren and John and Sheila Eller,” Usher explains. “This research indicates support is critical for specific areas, as well as supporting the emotional stages a new teacher will experience. 

The academy is a year-long program. New teachers will attend professional learning sessions above the required 24 hours of professional development, which will provide time for our new teachers to learn from experienced teachers. 



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