Central Time schedule & enrichment courses

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This semester, we will continue to implement “Central Time,” an additional period that allows students to participate in intervention, enrichment, and advisory (as needed). Central Time ensures students are receiving the resources and help they need to be academically successful at Bullitt Central, as well as feeling connected to their peers and teachers. 

A grade report will be run every three weeks to determine which students are in need of intervention and which students are eligible for enrichment activities. If a student isn’t passing all classes, s/he must attend interventions for the week. Each core class will be offered as an intervention to give students extra, tailored time to receive help understanding the material. 

After the first week, students passing all classes will be eligible to obtain an “enrichment pass.” Enrichment passes will be offered every three weeks, and the color of the passes will change to reflect this time period. Students must have a pass with their name on it to have access to any enrichment class. Enrichments offered will be tied to teaching the whole student, including athletics, clubs, hobbies, interests, and mental health. 

With the new A/B hybrid schedule, Group A will have enrichment choices on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Group B will have enrichment choices on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Students should use Central Time to maximize their education and learning while enjoying an environment akin to that of a college or post-secondary experience. A list of the offered Central Time enrichments is presented below. 



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