School-wide commitment to writing

Commitment to writing

After two years of non-traditional learning and state assessments, North wanted to recenter our focus back to the basic tenets of critical thinking and rigorous instruction with a school-wide commitment to writing -- specifically, the On Demand Writing (ODW) assessment. 

ODW is a state accountability writing assessment juniors will take during state testing in the spring. Regardless of content area, all teachers address writing within the curriculum, however, many non-English teachers have limited exposure or experience with the ODW assessment as it is traditionally addressed within English classes. To provide all teachers with the efficacy to deliver quality writing instruction, training and coaching took place during the October Bullitt Day.  

Students in 9-11th grades completed an ODW prompt prior to fall break. On the Bullitt Day after fall break, each English teacher served as a table "expert" for a school-wide calibration and scoring event. Teachers from various content areas were grouped and placed with an English table expert.  As a calibration team, each group of teachers reviewed the KY Scoring Rubric for ODW, examined exemplary student writing samples, and scored student writing.  Once individual teachers scored, the table came together and evaluated scoring choices against the rubric and test knowledge English teachers provided. 

Per teacher reflection and feedback, all teachers, regardless of content area, expressed a deeper understanding of ODW and scoring, the importance of calibrating student writing, and how to embed writing instruction into individual content areas. 


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