SOAR Student Ambassadors implement popular and inclusive event for NBHS students


This year, the Soar Student Ambassadors’ (SSA) mission statement is The NBHS Experience: If you don’t like it, change it. After a year of unpredictable changes and unrest, the SSA wants to help students come together and create a more inclusive environment for all NBHS students. 

“We want to help make changes to provide a more positive mindset for students and help make everyone feel accepted,” says SSA President Hayley Bratcher. “It’s important to have this mission statement for North Bullitt to help students get a better understanding of what SSA does and what we do to help the student body.” 

The SSA is comprised of NBHS students that have shown themselves as leaders in our North Bullitt halls: these students listen to what our students want and need, and then help to implement changes that reflect that. 

This year, the SSA put on a Homecoming dance for football. After compiling students’ opinions from a school-wide vote, the theme was deemed “Blackout.” 

“Our committee stands for everyone feeling accepted so this homecoming was not a formal dance,” adds Hayley. “A large portion of students would not come to homecoming in the previous years because students did not want to wear formal wear to the game.” 

For the Blackout theme, students were encouraged to wear whatever they wore to the football game straight to the dance - even if it was jeans and a t-shirt. 

“We had the biggest homecoming North has ever seen,” states Hayley. “We had over half the school come. We sold more than 500 tickets in a week.” 

Since the informal Blackout dance, the SSA has received only positive comments from their fellow students, including that it was the best event North has ever thrown and how much fun they had. 

Hayley says, “With this positive outlook, we plan to schedule another homecoming, and this one will be for basketball!” 

NBHS is proud that our students are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone who walks through our halls. A big shout-out to the SSA for creating an accepting event for all students. 



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