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An in-depth look at BCPS Report Card data 2019-2020

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On October 14, the Kentucky Department of Education released annual School Report Card Data, as required by statute and under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). For the 2019-2020 school year, we were only privy to limited assessment and no accountability data. This is due to Kentucky’s COVID-19 Assessment Waiver Request to the U.S. Department of Education, which asked for the majority of state testing and accountability calculations to be suspended for the school year. 

Even though we have limited data available, the goal of the information is to “start conversations between schools, families, and community members about how to ensure all of our students are receiving a high quality education,” states Jason E. Glass, Kentucky Commissioner of Education. Analyzing the data from the previous year is still useful in identifying what areas we need to prioritize to ensure our students receive the best education we can provide for them. This includes creating a safe place for learning, allowing students the best chance to graduate and the best opportunities after graduation, and exploring our demographic data.

If you would like to read more about the general Report Card data, please read our previous article here. The purpose of this article is to take an in-depth look at Bullitt County Public Schools’ district limited data for the 2019-2020 school year; while the Academic Performance data is not available, the areas of Demographics, Educational Opportunity, Graduation Rate, Transition to Adult Life, and School Safety. 

The Demographic Makeup is the number and percentage of students that makeup the school or district’s largest demographic groups. As seen by the graphic below, the majority of our demographic makeup is white, with the smaller percentages being Hispanic or Latino, individuals of two or more races, and other. 


Educational Opportunity is broken down into Advanced Coursework Completion, Career and Technical Education, and Gifted and Talented. Advanced Coursework is comprised of the number of students who are participating in advanced level courses. BCPS offers Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit options in this area; 96.4% of Bullitt County students are involved in Advanced Coursework, with the majority taking Advanced Placement and Dual Credit classes. Out of 522 students who took AP exams, 47% of students had qualifying AP scores; the total percentage of Ohio students who passed AP exams was 66%. 

Career and Technical Education is measured by the number of enrollments by students in the 12th grade cohort who have completed at least one career and technical education (CTE) course. CTE is important as it allows students to practice specific career skills to prepare them for careers post-graduation. As shown by the graph below, 805 out of 996 seniors participated in CTE courses: 14% of students explored pathways, 49% completed the CTE course, and 37% went on to concentrate in that course. 


The final piece of Educational Opportunity is Gifted and Talented, which is the percentage of students who have been identified as such. In grades 4-8, 12.5% of students have been identified as gifted. 

The next category is the Graduation Rate of students, broken down by ethnicity. Overall, BCPS has a 92.2% graduation rate for both four and five year averages. For four year graduates, BCPS has a 90.9% graduation rate of students of all ethnicities.

There are many pathways a student can take upon graduation, which is what Transition to Adult Life shows us. In 2019, 35.6% of BCPS students graduate and go on to college. The next highest percentage is students who go into the workforce, at 29.6%, and then a combination of work and school with 21.6%. The rest of the percentages are outlined below.  

Finally, the Kentucky School Report Card Data analyzes School Safety. Indicators of School Safety include behavior events, resolutions and legal sanctions reported by schools, and precautionary measures in place to promote the safety of students in schools. The available data includes Students with Behavior Events and Students with Discipline Resolutions. 

Behavior events include assault or violent acts; weapons on campus; harassment/bullying; use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco; and other events resulting in state resolutions. The data measures Students with Behavior Events by comparing the percentage of students with a behavior event to those who do not have a behavior event. The percentage is calculated using the total student count for the organization. The majority of behavior events reported were considered “other events,” but also included events in other areas. There were a total 11.3% of students reported for behavior events in 2019. 

Students with Discipline Resolutions measure the students who received an Out-of-School Suspension resolution for behavior and the percentage of students who received an In-School Removal resolution for behavior. Out-of-School Suspension measured to 3.6% and In-School Removal measured at 8.8%. 

To further explore the available areas measured by the Kentucky School Report Card, click here

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