Bullitt County Public Schools Graduate Profile

BCPS Graduate Profile

After investing 13 year of study in public education, what does a high school senior do when presented a diploma?

Options range from enrolling in college to attending a trade school or joining the work force.

Bullitt County Public Schools Superintendent Jesse Bacons affirmed students must be properly prepared for the future.

“The foundation of our work must be to guarantee with confidence that our graduates are ready for the challenges of 21st-century life, work, and citizenship,” he said.”

Bacon continued that unlike a mission or vision statement, a Graduate Profile is a document that a school or district uses to specify the cognitive, personal, and interpersonal competencies that students should have when they graduate.

“The Bullitt County Public Schools Graduate Profile defines 21st Century Learning by specifying the outcomes that we, as a community, believe are important for student success in college, career, and beyond,” he said.

The BCPS Graduate Profile was co-created with input from key stakeholders and is a clear visualization of priority goals for teaching and learning. The Graduate Profile also represents the business community’s list of competencies critical to their continued success.

“Much like a compass, the Graduate Profile will serve as our true North Star as we establish agreed-upon goals and norms of student learning,” Bacon said. “We will use the Graduate Profile to transform the people, systems, structures, and processes that support student learning at all grade levels throughout the district.  

The Graduate Profile includes six components:

Effective Communicator

  • Demonstrates active listening
  • Engages others in productive discourse leading to solutions
  • Adjusts message according to the content, purpose and needs of the audience
  • Conveys ideas clearly in verbal, written, visual and digital forms

Innovative Problem Solver

  • Gathers and analyzes information from a variety of sources including counter arguments
  • Synthesizes ideas/information/data to develop new or unique solutions
  • Analyzes and evaluates feedback and impact of approaches on the potential or actual outcome of the work

Mastery Learner

  • Reasons using discipline/content-specific skills
  • Makes adjustments as required based on new knowledge and experience
  • Applies learned content to settings and contexts beyond the classrooms
  • Applies a growth mindset to persevere when engaging with novel ideas, situations and challenges

Self-Directed Navigator

  • Prioritizes tasks and manages time effectively
  • Initiates course of action and reflects on challenges/failures as opportunities to learn and improve
  • Sets goals and develops an action plan to achieve goals
  • Uses strengths and resources to make adjustments around obstacles until goals are achieved

Productive Collaborator

  • Productively works with diverse groups to achieve a goal
  • Listens to others’ viewpoints to manage conflicts and finds solutions that work toward outcomes
  • Seeks out, provides and applies constructive feedback to improve outcomes and achieve goals

Community Contributor

  • Recognizes a need, plans and engages in action to positively impact local, regional and/or global communities
  • Demonstrates empathy and respect for diverse cultures and opinions
  • Demonstrates safe, legal and ethical behavior

The Graduate Profile can be found in all schools, at the central office and on the district website.

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