Bullitt Central's Shianne Smith Awarded KASBO Scholarship

Shianne Smith

Bullitt Central High School senior Shianne Smith has been awarded a $2,500 scholarship from the Kentucky Association of School Business Officials (KASBO).

“I was beyond excited!” Shianne exclaimed. “This was my first experience with scholarship interviews, so the anticipation was very high! When I received it, I got the overwhelming feeling of pride and joy. I’m so honored to be a recipient.”

KASBO Scholarship Chairperson Judy Chandler reported Shianne will receive her check July 31. The award was scheduled to be presented during KASBO’s annual spring conference but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We would like to take this moment to recognize and thank American Fidelity for partnering with us to offer this Scholarship opportunity,” Chandler acknowledged. “We know Shianne’s future is bright and feel she will give many gifts to the world.”

Shianne loves to cook, workout, read, journal, play piano, clarinet or the ukulele. She loves helping people and volunteering as much as she can, whenever she can. She is very involved in her school and her community.

She feels most of her achievements come from her love of music. Shianne has been very involved in the band and was named was named Outstanding Sophomore and Outstanding Junior, and to the all-district band first chair. She has performed many solos and ensembles where she received a Distinguished rating. She feels music is very therapeutic for her and allows her to escape.

“Music is my escape,” smiled the 17 year-old daughter of Katrina Smith. “I love music because of the way it makes me feel. I love how it brings people together and can change your mood in an instant. It’s my passion, and I’m so glad that it is in my life.”

From classical to country, pop, rock and soundtracks, Shianne said she loves pretty much every type of music.

“I really love alternative music and older music!” she grinned. “Basically, what my Great Aunt and Uncle have been playing for all of my life. Any music that is just feel good, windows down in the car type of music!”

Bullitt Central Band Director Rodney Stults and Choir Director Melanie Sparks are two of Shianne’s favorite educators.

“They are obviously amazing teachers, but I would thank them for always loving their students,” she said, “They taught me how to be proud of myself, they never ever let me doubt myself. Being a teacher is more than just the content you’re teaching; it is about the students. They love me like their own, and I am beyond grateful for the impact they’ve had in my life and in so many others. Thank you for being awesome, and thank you for inspiring me to be a teacher!”

Shianne enjoys journaling because it allows her to put thoughts and feelings onto paper.

“As a teenager, and someone who struggles with mental illnesses, it is important that I take time to reflect,” she said. “Journaling allows for me to record the good and the bad. It is an amazing outlet, and I think everyone should try it!”

Although English has never been Shianne’s favorite subject, she praises former BCHS English teacher Sarah Anderson for her classroom leadership.

“Ms. Anderson was my Freshman English teacher, and she pushed every single one of us to do our best. I was a part of the CCAP program, and it was my first experience with anything honors or AP. She set my limit, she helped me learn what I’m capable of. I’m so glad she never gave up on me because it pushed me to not give up on myself,” Shianne said.

No 2020 senior ever expected their school career to conclude like this with such social distancing in place.

“I never imagined my senior year ending like this, and honestly, the whole situation is overwhelming,” Shianne said. “It is weird and it sucks, but I’m not one to let things bring me down easily. I’ve been trying my best to focus on the good. How the whole community has come together to help those in need. How parents have gotten the opportunity to spend time with their kids. How people have done their best to support the front line workers. Is it a troubling time, but it is important to focus on the good and not everything that we’ve lost.”

Shianne can’t wait to be a role model for others, and to be a helping hand for kids who need it. She wants to attend Morehead State University to major in music education so she can teach people to love music.

“Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me throughout the years, I couldn’t have done it without you!” she said “Also, thank you to the Kentucky Association of Business Officials for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams! I’m honored to be a recipient, and I can’t wait to be a teacher!”

KASBO is a professional association providing support and professional development opportunities for individuals whose primary responsibility is the business management of a school district.

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