Steve Miracle is Bullitt Central High School's Principal

Bullitt Central High School Principal Steve Miracle

Serving as Hebron Middle School Principal for five years and being in the Bullitt County Public School district really left a positive impression on Steve Miracle. “The first thing that led me to apply was knowing the district and community from my time here as Principal of Hebron,” he said.

“It is a very welcoming community with great people throughout. I know that the people here, in the district and in the community, truly care about students and their success.”

Another reason for applying was to get the experience of working in a high school.

“I originally got into education because I wanted to work in a high school and it just never happened. I spent all of my time in middle schools which I loved, but I would like the challenge of leading a high school,” he said. That dream became a reality when Miracle was named Bullitt Central High School Principal.

“I am very excited to be back in Bullitt County,” he affirmed. “I have now been blessed with a great opportunity to do so and a great school and district in which to work. I also have missed the day to day interaction and relationships with students.”

Miracle was in his fourth year as Trimble County Public Schools Superintendent when the BCHS principals’ position was posted.

“As superintendent, I was able to still be around students but it is different from when you are in the building each day and you know the students and they know you,” he said.

The opportunity to lead the district’s oldest high school was one which Miracle said he could not pass up.

“Bullitt Central has a tradition that stands on its own and I feel privileged, honored, and proud to be accepted into that tradition. I know there are great people there doing great things for students and I look forward to being a part of Cougar Nation!” he said.

Bringing experience as both principal and superintendent to his new role will be invaluable?

“While middle school is somewhat different from high school, building a good team or managing a good team is the same regardless of the position,” Miracle said. “I learned quite a lot from my five years at Hebron and I know that I grew from the time I started there to the time that I left.”

Having been a superintendent and working to support principals and mentor principals, he now realizes there were things he could have done better as a principal before, just as he thinks he could now be a better classroom teacher if he were to go back to the classroom.

“Being superintendent allowed me to learn all aspects of how decisions are made and how the district and schools operate. So I have that holistic picture of policy, procedures, practices, funding, hiring, legislature etc. Sometimes it is easy to get focused on your part of the world, your own classroom or your own school, and not see the larger picture. The benefit for me is that I know and understand all of that so it will be a great balance,” Miracle explained.

Bullitt Central has had several different leaders in the past 10 years. Miracle wants to stop that trend in its tracks. “My short terms goals are to give the building some stability and consistency in leadership, which I guess if I am successful this is also a long term goal,” he said. “But initially, I just want to get a good positive culture in place so that students, staff, parents, and community can truly have a great experience any time they enter our school. This is very important because it is difficult to have an impact on academics if you do not have a strong, positive culture in place first. I am sure there is a good foundation on which to start already. I think staff will be quick to respond.”

Miracle’s long term goals are to make Bullitt Central one of, if not the best, high school in the state. “This is a high goal, I know, but the higher you set your goals the higher you will achieve. I want Bullitt Central to offer the best student experience anywhere and the greatest measure of any school is the success seen by students after they leave. This has to be what drives us, ensuring that our students are prepared for high success after graduation in whatever they decide to do.”

Miracle will be asking what dedicated staff should already be bringing to their school.

"Every day we walk through the doors at Bullitt Central, we should have that passion in our hearts to put a student on the path to success,” he said. “To help them find their passion and then put them on the path to making that passion a reality in their life.”

Miracle know as middle school principal and superintendent that there is one vital component to ensure success. “You have to first be blessed with a family who supports and understands what you do and I am blessed to have this,” he said.

Then, there is the element that can only be acquired while on the job. Be careful or little things will consume your schedule! “Time management is a skill you have to learn and manage well because the most important thing for all of us is family, and I have always made this clear to those I work with,” Miracle emphasized. “You have to make sure that you do not sacrifice too much time with family or you may reach a point in your life where you regret the time you lost.”

“Planning ahead on the calendar with both work and staff allow you manage this so that you can be your best both at work and at home,” he continued. “In the end, it is not so much that I have a good system in place myself, but I do have a supportive and understanding family.”

Miracle was drawn to education after his Naval service ended in 1990. He recalled his military superiors remarking he would be effective in a school setting.

After earning a Bachelors’ degree in education from Kentucky State University and a Master’s degree and Rank II in Educational Administration from the University of Louisville, Miracle is about halfway to completion in a Doctoral program at U of L, hoping to finish December of 2020.

Miracle has a wide range of hobbies outside of work with the first being reading. He loves to read and spends more time reading than watching television or movies.

“I do like to watch movies sometimes but I like older movies. I do not watch much of anything current. I do love football so I definitely take time off from reading to watch both college and pro football. I also watch college basketball but I am not invested in it into the tournament. I like to hunt, although it has been a while since I have been. I also play a little guitar, not usually outside of my garage, and I sometimes do some drawing so I have a deep appreciation of the arts,” he said.

Miracle and his wife, Kathy, have two children. Jenna is 23 and a graduate from the University of Kentucky with Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Sociology. Zach is 16 and will be a junior at Shelby County High School.

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