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Seniors Named National Beta Scholars

National Beta Scholar Valerie King

Several high school seniors have been named National Beta Scholars.

Bullitt Central – Madison Carter, Michelle Lin and Savannah Price (each awarded a $1,000 scholarship with the opportunity to vie for one of the National Beta Club’s top five awards) and Sylvia Rock (awarded a $1,000 scholarship to the school of her choice).

Bullitt East – Emily Ezell and Sarah Ezell each awarded a $1,000 scholarship to the school of their choice.

Riverview Opportunity Center – Valerie King (awarded a $1,000 scholarship with the opportunity to vie for one of the National Beta Club’s top five awards).

Madison Carter

“I was so excited to be named a National Beta Scholar!” Madison said. “Beta Club has been a huge part of my life for the past few years, so it felt really good to be recognized.”

Madison has been involved in Beta Club for 5 years starting in middle school and every year of high school.

“Academically, Beta Club has pushed me to be the best student I can,” said the 17 year-old daughter of Lisa and Larry Carter. “Of course, there are GPA requirements to maintain membership, but Beta Club overall pushes me to be a student that has good work ethic and strives to always put the best foot forward.”

Madison feels Beta membership will benefit her future because of its long-lasting impacts.

“Beta is what really got me involved into community service and now it is something I love and will do for the rest of my life,” she said.

Michelle Lin

Michelle Lin was notified of her honor by teacher Shelley Westwood and her fellow Beta Club members before she learned about by accessing her email.

“I was so happy,” said the 17 year-old daughter of Jinzhi Zheng and Cai Guan Lin. “I told my friends and family right away because I was so happy and excited. It made my day!”

Michelle’s very first Beta Club Induction Ceremony was in fifth grade making her a member for eight years.

“There is so much to gain academically from Beta Club membership,” she said. “Being in Beta Club encourages students to keep their grades up because you can lose your membership if your GPA drops. It also encourages students to volunteer and do community service. This is so beneficial for college applications and helps develop a student’s character and leadership skills.”

Michelle said Beta membership has opened many volunteering opportunities and allowed her to meet many people in her community.

“It opened my eyes to the issues in my community and how I could volunteer my time to help,” she affirmed. “It helped me develop character and leadership skills. I will carry these skills and the habit of volunteering with me and pass them on.”

Valerie King

Valerie remarked she was very hopeful while applying for the National Beta scholarship but she knew that there were a lot of qualified students.

“When I found out that I was being named a National Beta Scholar I was really excited and honored,” she said.

The 17 year-old daughter of Michelle Halbauer and Erick King has been involved in Beta Club since fifth grade beginning at Mount Washington Elementary School.

“Being a member of Beta really does push you academically,” Valerie said. “All members are required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average and a good attendance record.”

“Outside of that,” she continued, “I was also blessed to have amazing Beta club sponsors, Mr. Davidson and Mrs. Lewis, who have always pushed me to my full potential.”

Valerie believes working with Beta Club instills values within its members that will last a lifetime.

“I have become more successful inside and outside of school, learned public speaking skills, learned how to be an effective leader, and spent so much time serving my community,” she affirmed. “I am so grateful for this organization and everything it has taught me. I would not trade my experience with National Beta for the world.”

Savannah Price

Savannah Price is the 16 year-old daughter of Angela and Roy Price. She said she has been waiting all week for the email until…

“I was just sitting with my cat when my mom checked her email and said "Congratulations, National Beta Scholar!" I jumped up and ran to the computer to see the email right then. Excited is an understatement.”

Savannah has been a Beta Club member since fourth grade. This is her ninth and final year in the club.

“Beta provides me with a community to talk about classes with my intellectual peers and to lean on them when I need help.,” she described “It's very helpful to be surrounded ‘by the best and brightest in our school and be able to have something in common with them so you can talk to them about anything.”

Savannah said Beta has pushed her to become more involved in the Shepherdsville community and has grown her desire to work with community members through service opportunities like the Dare to Care Kids Cafe.

“Because of Beta, I know that I want to help others improve their lives because I’ve already been able to do that in a small capacity through volunteering,” she said. “Being the President of our chapter has also helped me to improve my public speaking skills as I lead meetings in front of our over 100 members.”

Sylvia Rock

Sylvia is the 17 year-old daughter of Terry and Janee Rock and she learned of her honor through her friend, and fellow President, texting and congratulating her.

“I didn’t even know what she was congratulating me on yet, but I was really excited when I actually checked my email and found it,” Sylvia said. “I didn’t really expect much from the scholarship, especially considering only 8% of applicants get it. It was a really proud moment for me to realize that I can actually be a part of that 8%.”

Sylvia has been involved in Beta since the beginning of her freshman year in high school and believes she gained a sense of honor and pride by being in the club.

“I feel as if I have something to prove for my club and myself. It gives me motivation to push harder,” she said.

She notices she has already been able to see some of the benefits of Beta she incorporated into her everyday life.

“One of the major changes I’ve seen is the fact that I’ve been able to communicate with others in an easier and more effective way. After being shy for so long, it’s really helped,” she observed.

Emily Ezell and Sarah Ezell

Emily and Sarah are 18 year-old twin daughters of Kimberly and Kevin Ezell.

“I was amazed and relieved to hear that the time and work I put into the scholarship application was rewarded,” Emily smiled.

She and Sarah were both members of the Junior Beta Club in middle school and have been a member of the National Beta Club all their high school years.

In order to retain membership, students are required to maintain a 3.75 GPA.

“I have worked hard in my classes and maintained high grades,” she said. “Having this Beta membership allows me to volunteer inside and outside of the community, and I hope that willingness to help others will transfer into my future. I have also created many connections with others, which has helped me apply myself in the community.”

Sarah felt “very accomplished” earning this honor. “I work hard on applying to many scholarships and when I realized I received this one, I was thrilled.”

Like her sister, Sarah started Junior Beta Club in middle school and continued National Beta Club throughout every year in high school.

“Academically, I gained the motivation to keep my grades up in order to stay in the club,” she said. “Also, I have gained time-management skills due to having to balance all of my extracurricular activities.”

Sarah believes being a part of Beta improved her work-ethic for future jobs, broadened her knowledge of the world and encouraged her to get involved in community activities to benefit and help others.

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