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Implementing Social Emotional Learning into North Bullitt halls


Social Emotional Learning 

As a teacher who has worked in the field of health and physical education for the past 23 years I have seen the benefits of implementing (SEL) Concepts not only into PE and health but also into the whole school culture.  Social Emotional Learning is not some new fad educational catch phrase but it is a tested and proven educational concept that can help transform both students and schools as a whole.      


What is (SEL) Social Emotional Learning? 

According to (CASEL) which stands for The Collaborate for Academic & Emotional Learning.  “Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and. manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain. positive relationships, and make. responsible decisions.”  


What are some of the benefits of Social Emotional Learning? 

(SEL) enhances the ability of students to be able to communicate clearly and effectively.  (SEL) also helps students develop a stronger desire to do well in school.  Finally, (SEL) has also been shown to help decrease overall negative school behavior.  These are just a few benefits of Social Emotional Learning.  


(SEL) at North Bullitt High School 

At North Bullitt (SEL) can be seen happening in a number of different ways, as all teachers know that caring for their students' emotional well being is a huge part of effective teaching.   (SEL) is happening when principals are talking to students one on one about school problems.  (SEL) is happening when our Youth Services Center Coordinator Jennifer Lowe and Jennifer Davenport are helping meet students' needs whether it be providing a safe place to talk, or providing for basic daily needs including food.  


(SEL) is happening at NBHS when teachers like Tom Druen are showing his Algebra 1 students that math skills can be acquired.  Tom speaks positive affirmations into his students' ears.  I know this as my oldest daughter who was one of Tom’s students is now confidently taking her math class at the University of Louisville.  “Mr.Druen sticks by his students, even when understanding the content is difficult. He is confident in his student's abilities to learn math. He also connects with his students and has conversations with them about life, leaving a mark as a good role model who genuinely cares for his students.” Emily Minnis 


PBIS and (SEL) at NBHS

(SEL) is happening in a concerted effort through our PBIS Team at NBHS.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  Our PBIS Team uses (SEL) at the Tier 1 Level where we model appropriate ways to communicate and appropriate ways to express our emotions.   (SEL) at the Tier 1 Level of PBIS also helps students learn how to resolve conflict in healthy manners.  One of our PBIS Team members is Ozel Wilson who is mentoring students at NBHS.  Mr. Wilson runs our school's ISAP Room.  Mr. Wilson makes it a point everyday at North to make sure he is being positive with his students that he works with.  If you ask Mr. Wilson how is he is doing?  He will say, “I am blessed, or I am having a great day, because I am choosing to make today a great day!”  Last week I witnessed Mr. Wilson speak praise to one of our special needs teachers by telling her she is a blessing to NBHS!  I watched Mr. Wilson bring a smile on this teacher's face through his positive affirming words.  Even though we all had masks on I could see this teacher smile through her eyes.   


Partnerships in (SEL)

North Bullitt along with all of  BCPS has worked with Alliance for a Healthier Generation for a number of years.  Healthier Generation is helping our school assess its overall wellness/health policies including our social emotional health implementation .  Kat Satterley who is a Healthy Schools and Communities/RISE Program Manager for Healthier Generation is now helping NBHS and other BCPS Schools assess their (SEL) Implementation through RISE.   Kat had this to say about (SEL).  “In our history, no time has been more important than now to focus on social emotional and physical health.”  North Bullitt is committed to make sure that (SEL) is happening in all of our classrooms so that we can as a school model empathy, compassion, and self reliance.  


You Are a Blessing!

As Mr. Wilson said, “You are a blessing!” Each of you who work at NBHS are a blessing to the students that we work with!  From the front office staff, to the cafeteria workers, our custodial staff, administrators to our teachers and bus drivers, you are all a blessing to the students that we work with.  The same is true about our students as they have the same opportunities to bless each other with kindness, empathy and strong character as well.  Making (SEL) happen at a school takes everyone.  


Go Eagles! 


Dennis Minnis 

NBHS Physical Education and Health 

PBIS Team Member   


SEL Resources 

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