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Yondr implementation week a huge success

cell phone policy

This week was a major feat on many fronts for North Bullitt High School.  Students returned to in-person instruction (an enormous operation for all stakeholders) and we began a cultural shift for students to “Be Here Now!”  Yondr trainers from across the country were present to inform students about the program and the importance of when and where cell phones should be used. This transition was not a simple task. It came with a great deal of criticism; however, students exceeded expectations. There were zero cell phone infractions the first week of school.  Students were far more flexible and open-minded than expected and continue to prove that we serve the best students around.

It was vital for students to arrive as focused as possible this week. We witnessed students engaging like never before. Below is feedback from our administrators and teachers about their experiences with Yondr this week:

  • It has been cool to watch the students at lunch. I have been in every single lunch every single day we've been in-person and the students are actually talking to one another and engaging with their peers! They were able to choose their seats and most sit by their friends.  Students actually eat, which many were not because they would be so preoccupied with drama through social media, etc. I've seen students reading books, on their chromebooks, and definitely engaging with us more (in a positive way). 
  • I love Yondr!! I didn't say "put your phone away" one time this week. Students were engaged, not only with me, but with their classmates too.
  • The students worked on their assignments and then found something else to do when they were finished instead of going to their phones. It was so nice not having to worry about them trying to meet up with someone during class. They actually carried on conversations with each other at the end of class. Behavior was very good all week!

While we are excited about our progress we fully understand becoming a Cell Phone Free Environment, and adopting a new program in Yondr, will continue to have its challenges and successes. We will continue to keep our focus on engaging students in learning and building positive relationships.  



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