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2019 Secondary School STEM Challenge

This year’s Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition for middle and high schools required constructing a roller coaster in under two hours using specific materials and without parental assistance.

Each roller coaster was required to have one loop, two hills, one curve and a completed Engineering Design Project (EDP) narrative. Teams could earn bonus points for additional hills, loops and curves.

Once complete, teams ran a marble through their design. This marble had to complete the entire track distance (which was easier than it sounds).

Oh and the first hill did not count as one of the two hills. According to District STEM Challenge Coordinator Jaymee Clemens, the first hill was the proverbial “drop.” In amusement parks, this is when the screaming starts.

Student teams who won their school competition knew there would be five choices on the table but were unaware of the actual challenge until they arrived at the competition.

Working in cohesion, students assembled their creations and tested them over and over.

During judging, some students were disappointed that what worked in practice did not prevail.

For those teams whose marble completed the distance during judging, it was time for hugs and high fives.

Here are the results. The following team earned trophies:

Middle School Division

First Place – Discovery School students Ashlee Blair, Allyson Morgan and Kaytlyn Coleman. STEM Sponsor is Devin Franklin

Second Place – Mt. Washington students Raegan Jackson, Darbie Link, Kayla McGarth and Sophia Slaughter. STEM Sponsor is Joseph Hamilton

Third Place – Eastside students Kaitlyn Jones, Isabella Johnson, Loren Sandusky and Erica Keeling. STEM Sponsors are Roseleen Root and Katara Perkins.

High School Division

First Place – North Bullitt students Brandon Bowles, Alex Rightsel, Chase Talbott and Dakota Centers. STEM sponsor is Danielle Cain

Second Place – Bullitt East students John Blake, Robert Luallen and Cole Jeffries. STEM Sponsor is Melissa Hightower.

Third Place – Bullitt Central students Jayden Carmony, Lynzi Huggett and Cameron McCoy. STEM Sponsor is Eric Connor.

All competing students were awarded medals. Here are the other school winners:

Kacee Blair, Olivia First and Samuel Wilbert of the Bullitt Advanced Math and Science (BAMS) Program (STEM Sponsor is Robert Davidson,) Dalton Coomes and Maddie Robertson of Bernheim Middle School (STEM Sponsor is Kelli Clack,) Jared Losik, Kaydon Pederson and Christian Davis of Bullitt Lick Middle School (STEM Sponsor is Kayla Alcorn,) Connor Boley, Zach Pine and Ryan Still of Hebron Middle School (STEM Sponsor is Devin Franklin,), and Raylen Moore, Riley Whittle and Hannah Miller of Zoneton Middle School (STEM Sponsor is Katrina Sherwood).

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